New Rules

Not that these rules are necessarily new... but in the middle of paying bills, getting to work early so I could finish that overdue presentation, scheduling my next dentist's visit (bravo to anyone that can maintain that 6 month schedule), going grocery shopping and doing all of the other "adult things" life demands... I became numb.  And I was in severe violation of most of these rules.  The fun in my daily life was replaced by duty... the passion in my work felt like a chore... and I found myself being silent in situations I would otherwise take a stand. Yeah I was in a rut for sure. 

So here are my new rules, and must have's for any situation... personal, work or otherwise. 

Have Passion: 
Nothing important is worth doing unless you are genuinely emotionally connected to it.
Get fired up and give a damn.

Have Fun: 
Life is short... too short to not find ways of enjoying yourself. Period end of sentence. 

Have an Opinion:
There are days I'm still learning that not everyone will like me, and some days I'm better with that than others.  The truth is there is no sense in trying to please everyone... it will never happen, no matter how hard you bend, compromise or try. So have an opinion... and then rally around the other smart people who share it ;)


s said...

love this. xO!


Chahrazad said...

I know what you mean. They are three important rules.


Chelsea Finn said...

Love all of these rules!! Especially when it comes to not trying to please everyone - it's so true!

Unknown said...

YES to all of these! It can definitely be hard to maintain, sometimes we let life get the best of us. And AMEN to the last one. I always thought speaking out would mean people would judge me or not like me, now I don't care, if I have a valid opinion that might make a difference, especially at work, I share it!

Unknown said...


Kate Steadman said...

Simple, but very true! I love the "get fired up and give a damn." Amen sister!

Sara Kate Styling

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm striving for that! I am currently not that passionate about my job, so I'm looking to find something that I will be passionate about!

Unknown said...

Yesss! I couldn't agree more with you! You can't please everyone. That's one thing I have always learnt and since I put it in my mind, nothing has held me back to do what I love. This is such an encouraging post. Thank you so much
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