Friday Find

Matte-ly in Love Blotting Papers (Walmart)

It's hot, it's humid, it's sweaty... it's that time of year. It can be difficult to avoid looking like a wax figure from the neck up in the summer months, but there are ways of fighting it!  And Matte-ly in Love's Blotting Papers are a great tool in the fighting that good fight.  For $5 you get 150 blotting sheets (they come in three packs of 50) for quick removal of excess oil and that trademark summer shine. If the heat has turned your dewy glow into a sweaty glaze, try this quick and easy fix - and blot away :)


Trend on Trend

Dress & Earrings (Nordstrom); Shoes (Jessica Simpson find at Marshalls);
Belt (The Limited); Love ring (Etsy.com); Photography (David R. Martinson)

This dress combines two of my favorite trends (florals & high/low hems).  I've shied away from floral patterned dresses since they tend to make me feel like a child putting on my "Sunday best".  But I love the mix of warm and cool colors, and including the high/low hem made this dress feel more grown up and sophisticated.  And how fun is that last picture by David Martinson?  Double trend = Double Heather.  I bet they are have a fantastic conversation :)


Favorite Accessory


Shirt, Skirt & Earrings (The Limited); Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls);
Tennis Ball (Target);  Ryan Seidel Photography

My little seven pound love is definitely my favorite accessory... nothing adds "cute" to an outfit like he does!  And no one knows this better than my brother... He'd often take take Rex to the park or to the beach - and I'd think, what a great brother!  Then I come to find out the only reason he was so eager to bring Rex with him is because of his effect on the ladies.  And it's so true.  Rex is an extremely effective chick magnet... Especially when he's sporting his favorite accessory - a tennis ball :)


Summer Staple

Shirt (Calypso for Target); Shorts (Loft); Shoes (Tahari find at TJMaxx );
Bracelet (Stolen from Mom)

This year, my summer must have is patterned shorts.  They are fun, playful and can easily be dressed up or down... I'm playing it casual in this black and white pair - but with a sequin top and black blazer, these shorts easily transition to party ready.  And there are a ton of fun options at great prices (here are a few of my favorites from Loft, Old Navy and Gap).  Give your denim and khaki shorts a break this summer and find out for yourself if patterned shorts really do have more fun ;)


Friday Find

Blocks of White & Red Wine (Trader Joe's)

Trader Joe's has the best blocks of wine (blocks are WAY classier than boxes).  I'm typically not a fan of Shiraz, but this is an easy going red that isn't too strong, bitter, or overpowering.  And the Chardonnay is the perfect light and crisp white wine. Did I mention they're $9.99 a block?  Did I mention each block is equivalent to four bottles of wine? As you can see I usually have both on hand (a girl needs options).  Rex is either very comfortable with the wine, or extremely bored with my picture taking.  I'm guessing it's a little of both :)  


Just For Fun

Dress (JCPenney); Belt (H&M); Shoes (Nine West)
Photography (David R. Martinson)

This dress is literally just for fun... I didn't get it for a certain occasion or for a specific reason. I fell in love with the maxi style and multi colored stripes and felt the "just for fun" category of my wardrobe could use more pieces.  And the best part is that I instantly feel happier wearing it! In fact I will blame this "just for fun" mentality for my last grocery trip where among other things I left with root beer flavored milk (try it, it's amazing), cake confetti ice cream, and Kellog's new Krave Chocolate cereal (basically corn puffs with chocolate in the middle).  Dessert for dinner?  How fun is that? :)


Date Night

Dress (Calvin Klein find at TJMaxx); Sandals (Jessica Simpson find at
Marshalls); Earrings (Nordstrom): Necklace (Vintage)

This is what I wore on a night out with my guy... simple, comfortable, and weather appropriate. Is is a thousand degrees anywhere else?  I'm literally melting in these pictures (and I tend to get crabby when I'm hot).  There is nothing worse than trying to do your hair while makeup is sliding off your sweaty face (not to mention reapplying deodorant for the third time).  Typically if my hair is in a braid, that means I was having hot flashes while getting ready, and pulling it off my face was the only acceptable thing to do besides cut it all off.    Sooooo... back to date night.  Lucky guy, hey?  :)


Doctor's Orders

Cardigan (Macy's); Tank (Calvin Klein find at TJMaxx); Skirt (Gap);
Shoes (Target); Necklace (Consignment Shop); Ryan Seidel Photography

It was bound to happen. I got my first official Zumba injury. Too much shaking, too many hip thrusts, and way too much gyrating.  It was all fun and games until I threw my back out. I was under strict instructions from both my boyfriend and mom to take ibuprofen, use a heating pad, refrain from zumba, and wear flats.  After a few days of hobbling in heels, I caved - and spent the following days a few inches shorter.  So here is my proof of flats (see Mom?)  And slowly but surely, the ability to awkwardly gyrate is coming back :)


Friday Find

Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects (Ulta)

When's the last time you had an $8.99 pedicure?  Never? Yeah, me either...  Sally Hansen has introduced Pedicure Salon Effects - which is the same peel and apply operation as the fingernail version.  I was admiring a friend's fabulous sparkly blue toes, and when she told me they were Sally Hansen Salon Effects I couldn't race to Ulta fast enough to try them out for myself.  Seriously these are too fun, super easy to use, and look the part of beautifully painted toenails.  Thanks to my girl Catherine for giving me the scoop on this pedi-perfect Friday Find :)


Multiple Personalities

Dress (Nine West find at Marshalls); Skirt (JCPenney); Shoes (Tahari find at Marshalls)
Necklace (Consignment Shop); Earrings (Nordstrom); Bryan B Photography

This dress has multiple personalities... it can channel a retro vibe (seen here), double as a skirt (seen here), or perfectly compliment a bright skirt (like today).  One piece can be transformed into a variety of different looks - which is just one example of why fashion is so much fun :) You know what else has multiple personalities?  My little Rexxy.  His personalities in order of preference are: sweet and tired cuddle bug; playful ball chaser; wild and crazy gremlin; whiny baby; sassy and insubordinate; and nonstop barker - and if you listen closely, you can probably hear him barking right now... 


Pinch Hitter


Blouse (Banana Republic Outlet); Skirt (Limited); Shoes (Franco Sarto find
at Marshalls); Belt (Target); Earrings (Nordstrom)

It wasn't until another blouse I wanted to wear was in the laundry that I thought to pair this top and skirt together. So this top is essentially the pinch hitter of this outfit (which I think means substitute)... And would that make my original blouse the designated hitter?  And does the combo of the two bold prints equal a double play?  I'm started to give myself a headache. All I know about the game is that it's much better with peanuts and beer... and there's no crying in baseball - even when your designated hitter is out of commission ;)


Never Settle

Shirt (Target); Belt (Francescas); Skirt (Stolen from Mom); Shoes (Nine West)
Necklace (Vintage); Earrings (Nordstrom); Ryan Seidel Photography

I'd been on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt for awhile...  which meant the right color, the right details, at the right price.  For some reason I got $20 stuck in my head and I didn't want to spend more.  Old Navy had a cute option, although it didn't meet all my criteria and at the time was $25 (now on sale for $17.50!).  So when I found "the one" at Target for $19.99, I may have made a slight scene (gasping, oohhing and ahhhing).  Moral of this story:  NEVER settle: I was very close to settling for less - and now I have the perfect chambray shirt... among other things ;)


Friday Find

Scentsy Online  

Have you heard of Scentsy?  Scentsy products are a great alternative to scented candles with warmers that melt and warm wax and release fragrance into the air (no open flame, no burning, and no soot - something my mom would have really appreciated during my high school years...).  There is a great selection of beautiful warmers, plug-ins, and different scents.  You can purchase a warmer from $20 - $35, and pick from a variety of scent bars.  Then just break off a piece of the scent bar, place it on top of your warmer, turn it on and enjoy the scentsy :) 

1. Plug-in Warmer: $20
2. Full-Size Warmer: $35
3.  Scent Bars: 3 for $14


Do It Anyway

Top (Loft); Dress (Ralph Lauren, Macys); Belt (H&M);
Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls); Bryan B Photography

My top has navy stripes, my dress is black, and my shoes and belt are brown.  I've heard you shouldn't combine blue and black.... I've read that brown and black look depressing together... and that pairing blue and brown only works if the blue is a lighter shade.  I've also heard that  shopping doesn't technically count as a cardio workout, and that goldfish crackers shouldn't be served as appetizers.  Well I don't believe any of it!  The next time someone tells you that you can't or shouldn't do something, do it anyway :)


The Routine


Top & Skirt (Limited); Shoes (Nine West); Earrings & Necklace (Nordstrom)

Rex and I have a very predictable after work routine:
Step 1) I come home to a wagging tail and lots of kisses - definitely the best step. Step 2) He madly tears through the house like an unleashed prisoner before finally coming after I've said "come" multiple times.  Step 3) He goes to the bathroom while smelling all of the same spots he has smelled for the past five years like they are new and special. Step 4) I go right and he goes left... the last picture captures the dance perfectly.  That little brat pulls all of his 7 pounds in the opposite direction.  
Can you see the defiance in those little eyes???