Friday Find

If you are anything like me, the places you need the most organization includes makeup and jewelry... in which case, let me introduce you to your new best friend - The Container Store.  They have the best gadgets to keep you organized!  And for under $10 each, these items are so worth the zen-like state that follows immediately upon bringing a little order to your life ;)

1. Sectioned Lipstick Holder - $3.99
2. Nail Polish Organizer - $5.99
3. Clear Necklace Stand - $9.99
4. Clear Bracelet Stand - $7.99


Hello Sailor

Dress (Taylor find at Marshalls); Shirt (StyleMint);
Bag (Nine West find at Marshalls); Shoes (Nine West); Watch (Fossil)

Nautical fashion is among my favorites – and between the navy blue dress and red striped shirt, this look definitely has a sailor vibe.  And I added the pop of yellow with the bag to complete the primary color trifecta :)  This was the first time I layered something under this dress, which was fun since I am completely bored with wearing it alone or with a cardigan... sometimes a change can do ya good!


Grandpa's Sweater

Sweater & Belt (H&M); Dress (Nine West find at Marshalls); Tights (Target);
Shoes & Sunglasses (Kohls)

You wouldn't typically think of raiding your Grandpa's closet... however there is certainly a place for a long and narrow button up sweater in any wardrobe.  There are so many ways to wear it:  belted over a dress; adding it to leggings, a tank, and scarf; throwing it over a t-shirt and shorts for some warmth; or plain and simple with skinny jeans and boots.  Who knew Grandpa's clothes could be so stylish? 


Dressed Up in Wu

Dress (Jason Wu for Target); Tights & Shoes (Kohls); Earrings (Loft)

I'd like to thank the weather for being so unseasonably warm for the sole reason I got to wear my Jason Wu for Target dress much earlier than I thought possible.  And to celebrate, I went to Target to pick up some essentials, and a sales associate said "Hey, nice Wu!" when I walked by.  After realizing that he  meant my Jason Wu outfit, the poor guy looked confused as my face went from "say WHAT!?"... to "why thank you!".  Oops :)


Friday Find

Garnier Skin Renew Skin Perfector (TargetWalgreens

I hate wearing foundation. It always seems heavy and I can never seem to get my shade right, so I've typically worn tinted moisturizer instead. I saw an ad for Garnier's new Skin Renew  Cream - and after wearing it for a week, I've found my new go to base product!  It comes in two shades (Light/Medium & Medium/Dark), and it truly is a miracle skin perfector.  It evens skin tone and brightens  complexion, not to mention it's also a moisturizer with SPF 15!  


Proof of Life

Image by Jessica Barker Photography

I know a few of you have been concerned about the lack of paws... Don't worry, my partner in crime is alive and very well.  He's been vacationing at his Grandparent's place in Wisconsin while I've been traveling for work the past couple of months.  There is no doubt Rex is enjoying being spoiled rotten... but I miss that little face!


Pastel Therapy

Sweater (Marshalls); Tank (Nordstrom); Jeans (Target); Shoes (Nine West)
Watch (Fossil); Necklace (Banana Republic)

My fondness for pastels is typically reserved for baby shower decorations and Easter eggs.   And while it was tempting to add something bright to this outfit, there is something therapeutic and calming about dressing in softer colors.  However, eating in this outfit gave me major anxiety! I was positive my pastel assemble would become a spotted mess after dinner...  But like a big girl I managed to keep my outfit clean :)


Wine Inspired

Sweater & Earrings (The Limited); Skirt (NY&Co); Shoes (Nine West); Watch (Fossil)

Some say you are what you eat...  today I am what I drink!  This outfit is inspired by one of my favorite adult beverages: red wine.
Pairing different shades of the same color family is so easy to do, and always looks pulled together and classic.  PS, Trader Joe's has great boxed red wine - which translates to 4 bottles of fantastic spiked grape juice for $10... yes!!!!


Perfect Mismatch

Dress (Target); Scarf (Loft); Tights & Shoes (Kohls); Watch (Fossil);
Bracelets (Mom's closet & JCPenny); Rings (Gifts)

This outfit is proof that opposites do attract.  I've always worn these pieces separately, and originally had a gold/yellow scarf in mind for this outfit...  but the solid accent just wasn't enough.  This unlikely combo is now one of my favorites looks... and I've learned that two bolds make a right ;)


Friday Find

3M Post-It Pop-Up Purse Dispenser (Staples)

Do you use Post-It Notes?  Do you carry a fantastic bag?  If you answered yes to the previous two questions you simply must have this at your desk...  Staples carries these adorable little Post-It holders that takes girly desk accessories to the next level.  Special shout out to Netta for introducing me to this fabulous Friday Find :)



Dress & Shirt (Gap); Tights & Necklace (Limited); Shoes (Nine West)
Watch (Fossil); Sunglasses (Charming Charlie)

Wearing a white button down always makes me feel polished, and it also takes me back to my waitress days... which includes sneaking Tiramisu from the dessert fridge and screwed up drink orders from the bar (yes, I was an excellent employee).  Navy pants also give me flashbacks - they were a staple of my Catholic middle school uniform (paired with an oversized polo, they were the definition of fashion)...  I don't care if navy pants are the new black, I simply cannot do it.  


Black & Blue

Skirt (Banana Republic Outlet); Sweater (Ann Taylor); Tank (H&M);
Shoes (Naturalizer); Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Limited)

Sometimes to create a new look, you just need to look at your clothes differently.  This sweater is really long, and I'm used to wearing it over skinny jeans...  And since it's a button down V-neck, I wasn't sure tucking it in would work, but it does!  So when you get bored with your clothes, try to mix them up in ways you haven't before (tuck a sweater, add a belt/scarf/accessories, layer with jackets/T's) - it's an easy way to make your old pieces new again -  and no shopping required :)


Sunglasses at Night

Sweater (Gap); Jeans (Target); Scarf (H&M); Shoes (Nine West); 
Sunglasses (Charming Charlie)

I love that the neon trend keeps resurfacing... somehow these bright colors of the mid 80's keep coming back (and better than ever). I've been on the hunt for a neon scarf, and ran into this multicolored neon striped number (win/win/win) for under $10 at H&M - done and done! So to honor the eighties, and the bright colors where sunglasses at night may be needed, I dedicated my post title to a song that is so fabulously 80's, and one whose lyrics I still don't really know, or understand ;)


Friday Find

Sally Hansen Manicure Clean-Up Pen (Walgreens)

As a kid I was a pro at staying in the lines, coloring picture after picture that a fridge would be lucky to display (right Mom?).  But somehow this skill didn't transfer to adulthood, and without fail each time I paint my nails they look like I was blind folded during the process.  Enter Sally Hansen's Manicure Clean-Up Pen:  it's the magic eraser for outside of the lines nail polish, and I couldn't do my nails without it.  It's easy to use, under $5, can be found at nearly any drugstore - and it works! 


In Living Color

Dress (Banana Republic); Scarf (Cynthia Rae); Tights & Earrings (The Limited);
Socks (Kohls); Boots (Nine West); 

I felt the need to be colorful today - so I combined pretty much all of my bold colored pieces just for the fun of it.  Speaking of In Living Color - I remember watching this show when I was in middle school... and I still laugh thinking about Jamie Foxx as Wanda the Massage Therapist, Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill, and Damon Wayans as Homey D. Clown.  Viewership disclaimer: keep in mind it was the early 90's :)


Cinched Stripes

Sweater (Loft); Tank (H&M); Pants (The Limited); Shoes (Naturalizer); Necklace (Gift)
Belt (Francesca's)

This is one of my favorite sweaters - it's striped, drapey, and easy to style.  If you haven't checked out Ann Taylor Loft in some time - they have quite the collection of fantastic striped pieces (tip - check the sale items, additional 30% off!).  And I found this cute rope belt at Francesca's for under $10, and it's been the perfect addition for when I want some definition without the structure of a typical belt... not to mention the flexibility of making it any size you want!


Green Envy

Dress (Gap): Sweater & Necklace (The Limited); Tights (Kohls); Shoes (Nine West);
Sunglasses (JCPenney); Watch (Fossil)

This green dress has been a closet prisoner for a while - it's lower cut than I like and the sleeves are sort of goofy.  And while I love the love the color and length, I honestly only like the bottom half (note to self: I need to quit buying things I only like part of).   So adding a sweater over it and tying the dress' belt over it was the perfect compromise in letting this dress see the sun a bit more :)


Black & White

Blazer (Kiss/NY); T-shirt (Jason Wu for Target); Jeans (Target); Shoes (Nine West):
Necklace (Gift); Bracelets (mix of JCPenney & Target)

I realize it's all about color - bold prints, neon accents, and pastel inspiration... but sometimes going back to what is simple and proven works best.  Then again, even simple and proven can be outdone. Case in point - the Triple Double Oreo, which is a layer of vanilla and a layer of chocolate creme sandwiched between three cookies.  So apparently you can improve perfection... and in case you were wondering, yes they're amazing :)