Double Denim

Jacket (Old Navy); Shirt (Loft); Jeans (Nordstrom); Socks (Kohls);
Boots (Guess find at Marshalls)

I wore this double denim look to happy hour the other day.  My boyfriend and were sitting at the bar, and he says to me... "so your combination of the different colored jean jacket and jeans is sort of like pattern mixing... but with denim, right?" As he waited for my response, I could tell how proud he was of himself that he used the term pattern mixing in a sentence.  My first though was "what have I done to this poor guy that he is making fashion references at happy hour"...  And then I became extremely impressed that he actually listens to me!  There really should be a group for boyfriends/husbands/partners of bloggers... they could probably use the emotional support ;)  



Sweater (Old Navy); Dress (Taylor find at Marshalls); Tights (Target);
Shoes (Naturalizer Outlet); Sunglasses (Charming Charlie);
Belkis-Cruz Photography

The decision to wear flats vs. heels is certainly a complicated one.  In my heart it's a no brainer - the decision is heels 100% of the time.  But sometimes my feet hurt and the thought of balancing around on 4 inches all day makes me more tired than that 2 hour conference call on my calendar.  Don't get me wrong - there are so many cute flats out there, but whenever I wear them, I feel a bit incomplete. Forget a man! It's my heels that complete me...
my heels and Rex ;)



Shirt (StyleMint); Skirt (Limited); Tights (Kohls); Boots (Guess find at Marshalls)
Dave Haas Photography

I could have added a scarf... and maybe should have worn a necklace. It can be so easy to over complicate and over accessorize an outfit...  And after about ten minutes and five variations of this look, I left it alone.  Believe me, my tendency to over think things can be painful at times (my boyfriend would strongly agree).  So this is a pretty simple story: skirt meets shirt, and finds a pair of boots... the end :)


Friday Find

NP Set Eye Primer (Target

I'm late to the game with everything. Case in point: I still don't have an iPhone, and it was only months ago that I realized Flo Rida =Florida. So it's really no wonder that I've been existing this long without eye primer. It's usually around 2PM that my eye shadow starts to crease and I can see the color fade. I had heard of eye primer, and so during a routine Target run I picked up the Napoleon Perdis (NP) Set Eye Primer.  And while I'm sure you can spend much more, $15 seemed like a reasonable price  It goes on smooth, and it really does make your eye make up last longer! How can you say no to a product helps your makeup last through happy hour?  After all, it is the most important meal of the day ;) 

And for more Friday Fun check out Rex's interview over at Total Basset Case!



Dress (Limited); Scarf (H&M); Tights (Kohls); Shoes (Nine West);
Glasses (gifted by Firmoo); Earrings (Nordstrom); Watch (Fossil);
Belkis-Cruz Photography

I've had to wear glasses or contacts since I was in 6th grade... and based on my past (see below and my hopeless 13 year self) the choices available were anything but cute.  But honestly between my glasses, clear braces, and telltale 90's bangs - the glasses were really the least of my problems.  These glasses from Firmoo are so fabulous that I wear them during the hours  of the day when people actually see me (and for less than $40 I should get a pair in every color). For anyone that wants a stylish pair of glasses where fashion meets function and quality, a virtual visit to Firmoo is a must.

PS, was middle school this rough for everyone else?


Cliche Color Pop

Dress (JCPenney); Coat (Old Navy); Tights (Target); Shoes (Nine West);
Sunglasses (Charming Charlie);
Belkis-Cruz Photography

I adore all things cheesy and cliche... Michael Bolton and Celine Dion love songs,  80's teen movies, and ugly sweater parties. My favorite movies include the Little Mermaid and Titanic, and I've been known (in the not so distant past) to spend hours playing old school Nintendo trying to beat Mario Brothers 3 for the fifteenth time.  My dork factor also extends to color coordinating for the holidays... So did I wear this pink dress on Valentine's Day last week?  You betcha! :) 



Dress (H&M); Vest (Joseph A find at Marshalls); Belt (Stolen from another dress);
Tights (Target); Boots (Nine West); Bracelet (WindsorStore.com);
Earrings (Nordstrom)
Dave Haas Photography

Things I love: when a car is pulling out of a prime parking spot at Target as I'm driving down the aisle... when the soup of the day at the cafeteria at work is chicken dumpling (this literally makes my day).... when the pair of heels I'm debating on getting goes on sale (always an indication from above that I need to pull the trigger)... and when I find a pin on Pinterest that I can so easily replicate that it's a shame I didn't think of it on my own. Fur vest?  Check. Black ribbon belt?  Check!  Add this to yet another moment I can thank Pinterest for inspiration :)


My Funny Valentine

Here are some recent pictures of my love... I look at this face and can't imagine my life without it. It's amazing how something so small and unknowing can have such a profound impact on your life.  Take for instance my home...  if you walked in on a given weekend you would think I had either 5 dogs or 2 kids based on the amount of toys and balls scattered throughout the hallways and bedrooms. And he's such a goofball - what's with the one and two paw lift? The intensity in his eyes suggests there's a ball in the vicinity :)




Top & Skirt (Limited); Tights (Target); Shoes (Kohls); Belt (Stolen from another dress);
Watch (Fossil)
Dave Haas Photography

While on vacation last week, I didn't turn my phone on once... and it was extremely liberating not to be tethered to my smartphone and feel like Pavlov's dog and salivate when my phone lights up or dings with a new alert.  A few times I wondered what news I was missing out on, but for the most part it was nice to be present with the people that were in front of me without multitasking. Social media is such a great way to connect, but it can get overwhelming and sometimes dilute the tangible relationships in our lives.  Do you ever take breaks from social media? 


Punta Cana

Here are the highlights from our wonderful trip to paradise. We stayed at the Iberostar Dominicana - which I highly recommend... friendly waitstaff, fabulous food, and the best beachfront of all the resorts. The weather was perfect (85 during the day and 75 at night) and the water is the most gorgeous blue/green (pictures do not do it justice).  Our daily routine consisted of the following: morning walk on the beach; lay by the ocean and fall asleep to the crashing waves; get ready for dinner; enjoy lobby bar/discoteca/hotel entertainment.  And one day we went zip lining - my boyfriend is much more adventurous than I am, and going on this excursion pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone.  All in all it was a much needed break and nice to be completely disconnected from the world for awhile...

We came home to falling snow... between that and work today, I am definitely still in Punta Cana in my mind :)


Be Back Soon!

This week my boyfriend and I are on vacation in Punta Cana, and Rex is in Wisconsin visiting his grandparents.  To be honest I don't know who will have a better week (he is a VERY spoiled grandpuppy).  The dead of winter is the perfect time to escape to paradise and soak up some sun, which is pretty much the plan (that and umbrella drinks!)   Have a great week and I'll be back soon... but not too soon ;) 


Friday Find


I saw this on Instagram the other day and loved it!  StickyGram  turns your Instagram pictures into magnets (genius, right?). In all of 30 seconds I was able to pick my favorite Instagram pics and for $14.99 (free shipping) these 9 magnets will be created and delivered.  They are about the same size as the Instagram pic on your phone, and as far as wedding, birthdays, and holidays- the gift possibilities are endless.  And the best part?  I can now add the fridge to the places where get to see my fur baby :)