Friday Find

Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream (Target)

You may have found a face moisturizer that works for you most of the year, but as weather conditions change and old man winter comes around, we need a little extra help to beat dry skin.  I use this during the day - and it's the perfect boost my skin needs to stay hydrated in winter.  As the name implies, this moisturizer is gel based and has a cooling effect after you put it on.  For an effective moisturizer you can find at any drugstore for about $7 - it's certainly worth a try if you haven't found a cure to dry winter skin!


Street Walker

Sweater (Macy's); Layering Shirt (Old Navy); Scarf (The Loft); Jeans (Express); Boots (Boston Store); Socks (Kohls); Computer Bag (Liz Claiborne find at Marshalls)

By street walker I don't mean actual streetwalker - but getting these pictures without having to apologize to people trying to walk on the sidewalk was difficult (and slightly embarrassing).  And I'm so proud of my red patent computer bag - I had been eying it at Best Buy forever but refused to spend $80 on it.  About two months later I found it at Marshalls! While patience may be a virtue - it can also save ya a few bucks ;)



Dress (The Gap); Shirt (New York & Company); Shoes (Jessica Simpson); Earrings (Target); Sunglasses (Kohls); Watch (Fossil); Bracelet (Nordstrom)

The first time I heard the term "kismet" was on Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) when Brenda met that hunky stud when she was abroad for the summer (played by Dean Cain... swoon!).  Their meeting was referred to as kismet, or fate - and even though their relationship sadly didn't last, I'm confident my relationship with this shirt will!  I found this perfect animal print shirt at New York & Company for under $13 - oh and it was the last one in the store... Now that is kismet :)



Sweater (The Limited); Leggings (Old Navy); Scarf (Francesca's); Boots (Impo find at Marshalls); Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Nordstrom)

Between the deep purple sweater, leopard scarf, and faux fur boots I feel like this look should come with royal subjects, a throne, and a crown (unfortunately it doesn't).  It's fun to let your personality or attitude on a given day be revealed through your clothes - rocker, elegant, laid back, cute, edgy... And today's outfit made me feel like royalty. I really should have been carrying Rex in a cute bag to finish off this look :)


Christmas Paws

Christmas PJs & Sweater (Marshalls)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating with family and friends.  Rex's little Christmas paws are my favorite gift of all :)  I may have gone a little overboard with a Christmas morning and evening outfit.... but he really needed them both!  Although based on his face in some of these pictures I don't think he enjoys wearing the outfits as much as he should... we will work on that in 2012 :)


Friday Find

My sparkly nails in OPI Mad as a Hatter Nail Polish (Amazon.com)

Glitter nail polish is all the rage this season, and I've been dying to try it!  I picked this color out when getting my nails done since I couldn't think of a better party accessory than disco ball nails :) Needless to say I catch myself just staring at them (shiny things easily distract me). So wear this polish with caution, and preferably during a week you don't need to be too productive ;)


Travel Wear

Sweater (Gap); Scarf (H&M); Jeggings (Nordstrom); Socks (Kohls); Boots (Payless); Bag (Bueno find at Amazon.com)

Like many of you, today is a travel day... I'm going back to Wisconsin to spend the holidays with my family :)  If I look tired in the first picture, it's because I was exhausted after a long day of travel - But I certainly was comfortable!  A sweater/leggings/scarf and flats are my travel uniform.. it's easy, comfy, and still looks pulled together.  Safe travels everyone! 


Two Toned

Dress, Cardigan, and tights (The Limited); Earrings (Erwin Pearl); Shoes (Nine West); Bangles (JC Penney)

The best part about this outfit can only be seen from behind...  An easy black dress and cream colored cardigan are the perfect backdrop for these two toned tights.   They are different, fun, and definitely up the ante of a simple outfit.  And while this look still works for the office - these tights would be killer with jean shorts, heels, and a chunky sweater.  The folks in my office probably think I'm nuts as it is (especially if they catch me taking pictures outside) - but fashion should be fun.... no matter where you are :)


Colorful Accents


Coat (Old Navy); Scarf (The Loft); Tights (Kohls); Boots (Nine West); Suede Gloves (Stolen from Mom)

The colder weather brings opportunities for fun accessories like scarves, boots, hats, and gloves.  Just because they have a job to do doesn't mean they can't be cute too :)  Since almost everyone has a gray or black coat - adding some color will take a boring outfit (otherwise known as my outfit less the scarf and gloves) and transform it into a fashionable and polished look.  And I have no empirical evidence to back this up - but I'm pretty sure wearing bold and fun colors in the drab of winter can actually keep you warm!


Black & Brown

Scarf (Marshalls); Sweater (The Limited); Leggins (Old Navy); Socks (Kohls); Boots (Nine West); Sunglasses (Kohls); Rex's jacket (Old Navy)

I usually don't dress like my dog - but since he pulls off black and brown so well, I thought I'd try it too :)  I used to stay away from this color combo since it used to be one of those "rules" similar to avoiding black and navy together (which is also fabulous by the way).  Plus I figured the two most boring colors would result in an equaling boring look -  but quite the opposite! Black and brown together actually works and looks quite sophisticated... so if it's a look you haven't tried before, go for it! 


Friday Find

Goody Doublewear Elastics (Target)

These are the most genius combo of necessities - ponytail holder and bracelet! For under $5 you can pick up a pack of three elastics in either gold or silver, and no more out of place elastics clogging up your wrists. Stack and mix the silver and gold as bracelets or use them to liven up your ponytail - either way you can't go wrong. Goody Doublewear Elastics look as good in your hair as they do on your wrist... function AND fashion?  Yes please!!!


Party Ready

Blazer (H&M); T- Shirt (The Loft); Jeans (Express); Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls); Earrings (The Limited); Watch (Fossil)

This is such a fun time of year - hopefully you've had a few holiday parties on your calendar!  And sometimes it's hard to figure out what to wear... but when you have a statement piece like a sequin blazer, you can literally throw on anything and still manage to pull off a polished and party ready look.  I'm also a big believer than anything sparkly makes you dance better - there are Michael Jackson powers in those sequins... I swear!


Flowers, Stripes & Geese

Shirt (StyleMint); Skirt (The Limited); Tights (Kohls); Shoes (Naturlizer); Belt (Stolen from another dress); Necklace (Helen Ficalora); Watch (Fossil); Sunglasses (Kohls)

This is the first shirt I've purchased from StyleMint - and I have to admit, I'm a big fan!  The quality and fit of the shirt is perfect, and there's a ton of styles to choose from (and all $29.99!).  Usually this skirt is a summer go to - but my theory is if you add tights to something it officially becomes a winter piece.  As you can see behind me, the geese were in full force... and normally I'm a huge bird lover, but I was freaked out by the sheer number of them.  With my luck that's how it will end - freak geese attack during blog picture taking...


School Yard

Jacket (Marshalls); Sweater (Gap); Scarf (The Limited); Skirt (The Limited); Tights (Kohls); Shoes (Naturlizer); Cocktail ring (The Limited)

Yes I realize I look like a much larger version of my ten year old self.  Between the pleated skirt, jean jacket, tights, and mary jane style shoes - I am certainly school girl inspired.  And seeing as though life can still feel like a school yard, it seems somewhat appropriate... mean girls, class clowns, bullies, cute boys, and bffs. We still have homework when work inevitably follows us home, and sometimes home is where is the real work begins... and the relief of happy hour is basically what recess used to be.  Wanna be my boyfriend?  I suggest ignoring or teasing me...   yup not much has changed!


Sweater Dressed

Dress (Macy's); Belt (Target); Shoes (Kohls); Tights (Target); Sunglasses (Kohls); Necklace (Gift); Bracelet (The Limited); Watch (Fossil)

A sweater dress is such a great wardrobe staple for many reasons...  It's a preppy and pulled together look, and such a versatile piece that can easily translate into a variety of different looks depending on the way it's styled.  Here I chose colored tights and a belt with heels; another option is leggings with boots and a jacket; in warmer weather you can go bare legs and flats; or add layers with a scarf and sweater!... So many ways to wear such a simple piece - it's four to five different looks for the price of one!


Friday Find

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

My friend Catherine told me about this product earlier this year and after using it for 6 months now I cannot believe I had gone so long without it in my life or hair!  Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam adds shine, body and volume to fine & medium hair.  I use about 3-4 pumps near my roots before I blow dry, and my normally limp locks definitely have more volume without the weight that other volumizing products can have.  Not to mention you get that fabulous smell that only Aveda products can deliver...  This is a must if you have finer hair like I do - we need all the volume we can get!


Matrix Boots

Dress (Target); Socks (Kohls); Boots (Nine West); Sunglasses (JC Penney); Cocktail Ring (Banana Republic); Watch (Fossil); Zorbitz Karma Bracelet (LuckyVitamin.com); Pearls (JCPenney)

When I wore this outfit to work, one of my coworkers commented on my "matrix boots", and at first I just stared at him... and then I decided to embrace it!  1999 was a good year and The Matrix is a great movie - I'm honored to represent the futuristic fashion ;)  I got this shirt dress from Target and I wish I had it in every color... it's such an effortlessly pulled together look.  And the combo of my matrix boots and easy going shirt dress is fun and unexpected, yet tough.  Seriously, who's gonna mess with these boots?


Deck the Halls

Ornaments scattered in the green on the mantel

Homegoods bowl filled with Ikea ornaments and baubles from Crate & Barrel

Ornaments resting by pictures of my baby :)

Silver tree from Target and Ikea ornaments

Sparkly Christmas Poinsettia brightens up the room

 Preparing for Christmas is almost as fun as Christmas itself!  Hauling out decorations, putting on the music, enjoying a glass of Christmas Wine (similar to Monday Wine, Bad Day Wine, Good Day Wine, Good Hair Day Wine...you get the drift) and decking the halls officially makes you holiday ready.  Ornaments are one of my favorite ways to decorate - it's an inexpensive and easy way to liven up your typical room decor for the holidays (in any color combo you want!).  And now that we finally have snow on the ground, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)


Feeling Fancy

Blouse (Gap); Sweater (Marshalls); Jeans (Express); Earrings (Nordstrom); Pearls (JCPenney); Bangles (Banana Republic Outlet)

We all have those pieces in our closets reserved for special occasions.  Maybe they have some sparkle, are covered in sequins, or are just fancier than what you'd typically wear on a given weekday...  And usually these items sit in our closets until there is a party, wedding, or "event".  Seriously what are we saving these things for?!  You can dress down these items by pairing them with jeans, a denim vest, T-shirt, etc - and  easily expand your wardrobe by rotating these special occasion pieces into everyday wear.  That's the story of my black sequin sweater, formerly only worn once on New Year's Eve... which I solemnly swear won't happen again!


Shoe Fairy

Dress (Banana Republic Outlet); Sweater (Gap); Vest (Macy's); Tights (Kohls); Shoes (Naughty Monkey); Sunglasses (Kohls); Bracelets (JCPenny): Watch (Fossil)

My friend Tenille came into work wearing these fierce and fabulous shoes, and after gushing over them the second I saw them, she told me they were mine!  After having these beauties in her closet with little wear, she said I'd get much more use out of them...  forget Santa Claus!  I have a Shoe Fairy - and there is nothing better than that!  Thank you Tenille, these heels already have a very special place in my heart and closet ;)