Colors of Spring

Blazer (LC for Kohls); Shirt (Gap); Jeans (Target); Necklace (Vintage);
 Shoes (Jessica Simpson find at Marshalls)

Here is an effortless outfit equation: Blazer + Colored Jeans + Spring Colors.  It's so simple that it gets overlooked... forget the scarf, forget the layered jewelry, and keep the shoes neutral.  And the result is easy, chic, pulled together, and appropriate for work, errands, happy hour, or date night.  Sometimes simple is best -  life can be complicated enough :)


Friday Find

Earrings from Fantasy Jewelry Box 

Have you heard of Fantasy Jewelry Box?  From earrings to bracelets and necklaces, this website has a fantastic collection of imitation diamond, fashion, celebrity and designer jewelry.  I've been on the hunt for brightly colored stone earrings, and I hit the jackpot with the choices above - all under $35 each!  This is the perfect site for fun and affordable costume jewelry or that statement necklace you've been looking for.


Dressed Up Sweats

Skirt (Gap); Shirt (Limited); Jacket (Kohls); Shoes (Target); Necklace (H&M)
Photography by Raj

Don’t let the skirt fool you – I’m basically wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt.  I love that sweats in the form of a skirt immediately make them acceptable for a wider range of occasions.  Although don’t get me wrong – I am often seen in the sweatpants version… I’m sure the fine folks at the grocery store wonder if I own much else :)  So an outfit revolving around a “sweatskirt”?  Yes please!


Moves Like Jagger

Shirt (Green Envelope find at TJ Maxx); Jeans & Hat (Target);
Necklace (consignment shop); Shoes (Nine West); Bag (Naturalizer);
 Photography by Still Images

I don't know what it is about hats, but when I wear them - there are two things I mistakenly believe:  The first is that I can dance (and I'm not talking about my typical robot arm)...  The second is that people can't see me staring at them (yes I realize that hats aren't sunglasses).   Hats are dangerous I tell ya... especially when they make you believe you are invisible and can dance :) 



Shirt (Loft); Skirt (Limited); Shoes (Tahari Find at Marshalls); 
Necklace (Helen Ficalora)

With this gorgeous scenery, I imagine I'm walking out of my castle in England...  Where of course I'm greeted by my horse (night in shining armor sold separately) - who takes me to a secluded garden where I have my daily breakfast while counting the number of unicorns passing by.  Being in a place this beautiful makes a dream like that seem like it can come true...  Although this look is a bit more Parisian than English - but it's my fantasy, so I reserve the right to take creative liberties :)


Friday Find

Umbrella (H&M)

The color of my umbrellas are usually black or black - not too exciting.  I was in H&M last week and saw this adorable printed umbrella while in the check out line (darn those point-of-purchase displays!).  Rain typically comes with dark and gloomy skies, and having this fun floral umbrella does help make the wet treks more bearable... and having a cute little doggy to greet you when you get home doesn't hurt either :)


Golden Collar

Dress (Francesca's); Gold Collar (Gift- can also be found on Etsy); Shoes (Nine West)
Photography (Simple Impressions)

If this outfit were a super hero, it would be called Golden Collar -  since it's the gold sequin collar necklace that gives this dress super powers. Powers like the ability to make my legs disappear (note to self - find some sun immediately if not sooner), and the ability to transform this dress into something extraordinary. This collar necklace really is too fun - it works well with this dress, but would also be a great addition to liven up a boring T-shirt...  There is no job too tough for Golden Collar ;)


Old Favorite

Dress (Ralph Lauren/Macy's); Jacket (Gap); Shoes (Chinese Laundry)
Watch (Fossil)

Few things are as dependable as your favorite jean jacket... it goes with everything, it's the perfect piece to dress down a look, and it's always in style.  I got this beauty about twelve years ago, and I'm so glad I didn't throw it out in one of my frantic purging sessions (you know the type - everything must go!).  It's a fun jacket with the unique patchwork on the front and back - and perfect to throw over a sleeveless dress.  And so the jean jacket lives on... an oldie but a goodie :)


Subtle Details

Sweater (Gap); Skirt (Mom's Closet); Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls);
Watch (Fossil); 

A cream sweater and a black skirt is a fairly safe and classic combination... there are simple ways of increasing the interest factor:  add texture with a leather skirt; a sweater with sequin details (a little tough to see, but if photographed in the sun it would be blinding); and then finish off the look with animal print shoes.  What I like best about this outfit is the subtle details that keep it from being just a sweater and a skirt :)


Friday Find

Regina Brett - 50 Life Lessons

I needed some inspiration, and this quote hit the mark perfectly! Too often I hold onto things that serve no purpose (bag of old makeup under my bathroom sink), are no longer cute (cropped army pants with a flower design), or don't make me happy (can of tuna in my pantry).  Whether it's a piece of clothing, a bad habit, an unhealthy relationship, a toxic friend, a stack of old magazines, or a piece of jewelry... Ask yourself if it's useful, beautiful, or brings you joy.  And if it's none of the three,  say goodbye and good riddance :)  


Linen Dreams

Dress (Calypso for Target); Shoes (Elle for Kohls); Necklace (Banana Republic);
Earrings & Sunglasses (Target); Watch (Fossil)

I have a love/hate relationship with linen.  I love its comfort, versatility, and timelessness… and  HATE that after only a few moments of wear it looks like a wrinkled mess.   While wearing linen, I try to sit a certain way to avoid adding to the wrinkle count... which usually results in even more wrinkles, not to mention an unfortunate leg cramp.  And so I have a dream…  I dream that one day my crisp linen will stay wrinkle free for a full eight hours.  In the meantime, I will continue to iron my linen while shaking my head in defeat.



Dress (Banana Republic Outlet); Scarf (Cynthia Rowley find at TJMaxx); Belt (H&M):
Shoes (Nine West); Earrings (Limited)

I went back to Wisconsin over Easter weekend to pick up little Rexxy after a two and a half month separation.  Needless to say he was excited to see me for about five seconds before moving onto a tennis ball (yeah... I can't compete with that).  Good thing I also brought a new squeak toy (when in doubt about someones affection, bribery will work in 98% of all cases).  All in all it was a wonderful Easter weekend, and Rex is back - just in time to showcase some fashion forward doggy trends for Spring ;)


Playful Patterns

Shirt (Green Envelope find at TJ Maxx); Skirt & Necklace (Limited); Shoes (Naturalizer);
Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Nordstrom)

There's something playful, unexpected, and slightly rebellious about mixing patterns and textures. In a typical work day filled with meetings, conference calls, and powerpoint presentations - sometimes you need a bit of fun and life to help you power through.  It may sound ridiculous to some, but there are times my outfit helps get me through the day.  There has to be a help line or medication for this type of disorder...  Although I'm sure it's nothing a little retail therapy can't cure  :)


Friday Find

Image from Bakerella.com

Aren't cake pops the best invention EVER!?  They are the perfect size to satisfy your sweet craving, and if you happen to eat five of them - no big deal, right?  PS, this logic also works with fun sized candy bars...  With Easter Sunday this weekend I couldn't resist these darling bunny cake pops I found on Bakerella.com (which is an amazing website for baking inspiration). Not to mention they combine two of my favorites: cake and candy corn.  Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Easter!


Cocktail Party



Dress (Gap); Shirt & Bag (Marshalls); Cocktail Ring (Banana Republic);
Shoes (Nine West)

One of my coworkers asked where the cocktail party was, since based on my outfit I was obviously headed to one... Clearly I dress for the role I want ;) I recently read that a famous Hollywood costume designer says, “You can have everything you want as long as you dress for it” - which I think is genius!   So based on that logic, I will be ending the day with a cocktail and possibly a party :)