Friday Find

Neutrogena Rainbath Bath Gel (Ulta)

Every now and then a girl needs a new smell... How about a new smell that doubles as a body wash AND shaving gel?  Neutrogena rainbath was the product that got me out of my body wash rut.  It has the best energizing and spicy fragrance, and there's no soapy residue like other washes can leave.  Any product that helps save time by pulling double duty (especially during the morning routine) is worth a try!


No Thinking Required

Dress (Taylor find at Marshalls); Shoes (Ellen Tracy find at Marshalls); Bag (Naturalizer);
Earrings (Gift); Watch (Fossil);
Dave Haas Photography

When I was in high school, I used to lay out my clothes the day before (did anyone else do this?)... And while I don't technically still lay out my outfits, I usually have an idea of what I want to wear the next day.  I really try to avoid the dreaded morning routine of staring at my closet with glazed eyes and the clock tick tocking away.  On the inevitable mornings when I'm outfit clueless and need to be at work in the next 20 minutes - there is one go-to look that requires literally no thinking. Put on a dress and simply add shoes and an accessory, and you are guaranteed to look pulled together.  A dress really is a girl's best friend (please don't tell Rex I said that)!


Giving In

Tank & Hat (Target); Shorts (Loft); Shoes (Kohls)

We are nearly to Labor Day, and I can almost feel the scarves, tights, and sweaters... But summer isn't letting go without a sweaty fight. Here we go with another week in 90's,  and I'm almost out of oil absorbing blotting sheets!  And I know that fall doesn't actually start until late September - but kids are going back to school, outdoor concert series are winding down, and starting next week outdoor pools are closing for the season.  But fine.. I give in. But I swear starting next week I'm officially celebrating the unofficial start of fall (unless it's 85+ degrees again).


Looks Familiar

Top (Robin-K find at Marshalls); Skirt (JCPenney); Shoes (Nine West); Watch (Fossil)
Ryan Seidel Photography

As I was looking at these pictures.. they reminded me of another outfit.  This look is very similar to my  "work uniform" post from May.  I suppose if something isn't broke, don't fix it! My burgundy skirt loves to hang out with stripes...  And who am I to separate them?  I wore this to meet a friend for happy hour, which is something I certainly don't like being separated from.  I don't know what I would do without happy hour some days...  And Monday is a perfect day to start :)


Friday Find

Pinterest is the best, isn't it? Fabulous fashion inspiration.... beauty ideas... amazing recipes... and easy do it yourself crafts and home projects.  It's all fun and games until you have a rash from the honey and sour cream mask you put on your face in an effort to shrink your pores...  Enter Pintester.  She tests Pinterest pins and gives a full report on which ones are the real deal and which ones fail. And she's hilarious.  And you can even buy a "Pintester" shirt :) This site is a must visit!



Scarf (Banana Republic Outlet); Jeans (Target); Shoes (Kohls); Belt (H&M)

And by easy I mean lazy...  So lazy that I couldn't put a normal top on... So lazy that I couldn't put my contact lenses in.  I usually reserve my glasses for my bedtime attire, but my eyes were too tired to care. And in all actuality you are one step closer to seeing the real me. The real me who goes to bed at 9PM... who wears mismatched pajamas (and not the cute kind)... who wears glasses and pimple cream... and a mouth guard. I may as well also confess that I'm a huge Michael Bolton fan, and still get excited when I walk past a Disney store. Despite all this, I hope you will still be my friend :)


Happy Camper

Happy camper in layers and comfy shoes

White wine sangria  

Grilling dinner

Frying up bacon for breakfast 

Morning mimosas with red solo cups :)

Chateau St. Croix Winery & Vineyard 

Barrels of wine

Hiking time!

Timed camera picture perfectly capturing the moment :)

I'm not what you would call "outdoorsy"... I hate bugs, being dirty, and for the most part I'm good with appreciating nature from a distance.  My boyfriend loves camping.  In an effort to prove to him I'm not completely high maintenance, and prove to myself that I'm a tough chick who can handle a few nights sleeping outside... camping we went! Camping that included showers, electricity, bathrooms, and a wine tour  :)  It was a really fun weekend of slowing down, abandoning cell phones and computers, and feeling completely stress free.  So yes, I'd go camping again - as long as I can shower and blow dry my hair :)


Faux Flower

Dress (Dockers find, Marshalls); Shoes (Jessica Simpson find, Marshalls); 
Belt (Target); Faux Flower (H&M); Earrings (Limited)
Ryan Seidel Photography

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a strong urge to put a fake flower in your hair?  That is how this day started :)  I thought the flower was the perfect accent to my 50's silhouette school teacher inspired look.  This dress always makes me feel like I should be addressing a classroom of young kids...  I think everyone at some point thinks about becoming a school teacher. The selling points for me included summers off and getting to write on the chalkboard all the time.  But then I got older, and now I see kids running around like wild animals and think... God bless teachers - I could never do it!

On another note, a few of you have asked how I get my bun so full (the secret is a comb and hairspray).  Just put your hair in a ponytail... then tease the heck of out it, next smooth the top layer and wrap it into a bun securing it with bobby pins.  No sock necessary :)


Friday Find


Postagram is an app you can download for your iPhone or Android device, 0r use via the web.  Simply upload a picture, type a message, and for $0.99 you can send a personalized postagram to anyone in the world (plus the first five are free!).  What's even better is that the picture can be popped out of the postagram for the recipient to keep.  This is such a fun way to share special moments, vacation, and family pictures with those that can't be there (it's also a great idea for invites)!  I sent this picture of Rex to my Grandma last week (she calls Rex "Sassy")... and she loved it!  She even brought it to church so she could show it to the lady she sits next to :)  


Killer Combo

Tank, Jeans & Shoes (Target); Scarf (Old Navy); Bag (Bueno find at Marshalls);
Bracelet (Bought at festival); Earrings (Limited)

Have you been to Old Navy lately?  They have been killing it lately with super cute sweaters, fun patterned shirts,  and adorable dresses. Not to mention one fabulous bird print scarf! Who knew leopard and birds would compliment each other so well?  I wore this on a dinner & movie date night over the weekend... Other killer combos included beer and pizza... and Christian Bale and Batman :)


Plus One

Top (Loft); Skirt (Limited); Shoes (Nine West); Earrings (Nordstrom)

With so many weddings crammed into the summer months, I quickly got sick of my go to "wedding" dresses and thought I'd try a skirt and top combo.  Even though the skirt is black, the length and tiered details make it work for a special occasion, and there is an unwritten rule that states you can never go wrong with sequins, right?   It was nice to break the dress mold for wedding attire and mix it up. And how cute is my little "plus one" with his freshly cut doggy hair?  He's now acceptable for public appearances... 
weddings included ;)


Reviving a Classic

Dress (Loft); Shirt (Target); Shoes (Tahari find at Marshalls) ; Watch (Fossil);
Earrings (Nordstrom)
Ryan Seidel Photography

I love this dress. It's flowy, romantic, and satin... the perfect little red dress.  However it's also sleeveless with a deep V-neck, which instantly eliminates it's office appropriateness.  Typically this dress gets worn maybe once a year.  Adding a button down and tying it was the perfect solution to getting this dress some much needed fresh air.  After tying it - the look was still a bit undone, so I tucked the loose ends.  And now my little red dress has a new lease on life, and we're taking full advantage :)


Friday Find: DIY

Bride to be glasses (backside view)

"BRIDE" margarita glass

Champagne Glass 

"ASHLI" wine glass

Two weeks in a row of DIY.... I know, who do I think I am?  This project is for the same bachelorette weekend as last week's tissue paper flower bouquets.  I wanted the bride (Ashli)  to have special glasses to drink out of during her weekend. And let me warn you... DIY's are a slippery slope. Once you conquer one, you think you are Martha Stewart. And now I have a "DIY" board on Pinterest filled with glass jar lights and picture frame projects (odds are I'll end up settling for a wine cork board, and then only collect the corks). Okay, back to the glasses!  PS, the term "blingy" below is the official term for the shiny diamond looking buttons you can buy at the craft store :)

Step 1: Choose your glasses (I got all three from Home Goods).
Step 2: Create veil:  Cut a 6 inch piece of tulle (Michaels), gather one side to look like a veil and staple at the gathering. Next, super glue a blingy (Michaels) to hide the staple.
Step 3: Attach veil: Super glue a smaller blingy to the glass where you want to attach the veil, and then super glue your veil to the smaller blingy.
Step 4: For the "BRIDE" and "ASHLI" letters I used sparkly alphabet letters (Michaels).