Friday Find

Have you ever wanted to drink an Andes candy with alcohol? Of course you did! I was skeptical of the Mocha Peppermint flavor because I don't like anything that tastes too much like a candy cane - but this stuff is perfect. Combine this with half and half - and you have the most amazing, creamy, and subtle chocolate mint flavor. I have to give credit to my boyfriend's mom on this one... She pulled it out of her cabinet of fun over Thanksgiving and I immediately bought it and have been drinking it all week (it's been a good week).

Since I spent this week perfecting the Kahlua Peppermint Mocha & Cream, next week I will focus my drinking on the Kahlua Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate... wish me luck :)


Bow Tie Scarf

Shirt & Earrings (Francesca's); Jacket (H&M); Jeans (Nordstrom);
Scarf (Target); Shoes (Payless)
Dave Haas Photography

Sometimes my life feels a lot like Groundhog Day.  I park in literally the same spot at work every day. I always have raisin and spice oatmeal for breakfast (at the precise time of 8:50).  I am guaranteed to be asleep by 10PM on "school nights".  When I think about my day, it's a little scary how ridiculously routine I can be. So when I put my scarf on, my heart raced a little when I tied it in a bow tie instead of wrapping it around my neck per usual.  Call me crazy, but I can really shake things up sometimes :)


Subtle Mix

Dress (Gap); Shirt (Old Navy); Tights (Nordstrom); Earrings (Macy's);
Shoes (Nine West)
Belkis Cruz Photography

Today's pattern mixing is brought to you by a button down and sweater tights. Sweater tights are the secret weapon to wearing dresses/skirts in winter... so warm and cozy!  I felt unbalanced without a pattern on top, plus the open shirt helps bring a more casual vibe to this look. Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly dressing for a fabulous party I'm never invited to...  But should I ever get invited, I'll be ready at a moment's notice! If success is when preparation meets opportunity - I'm halfway there :)



Sweater & Tank (Limited); Leggings (Old Navy): Boots (Impo find at Marshalls)

Turkey hangover?  Check.  Case of the Mondays?  Triple Check.

The work day after a long  holiday weekend always requires extra motivation, effort, caffeine, and boots with the fur. So alright Monday let's do this... I typically wear this sweater as a wrap dress, so I was pleasantly surprised that it converts nicely to a cardigan when I unwrap and tie it.  Not to mention it's 24/7 Christmas music from here until the 25th - which makes this Monday a little better :)


Powered by Dots

Shirt & Tights (Limited); Sweater (Old Navy); Skirt (Vintage);
Boots (Nine West); Earrings (Nordstrom)
Dave Haas Photography

If there is strength in numbers, this look is definitely powered by dots.  Along with the Real Housewives franchise (New Jersey and Beverly Hills are my favorites), Sex and the City reruns (I always root for Aidan), and bottomless glasses wine (a specialty at my house) - this outfit is further proof that you can never have too much of a good thing!

I'm heading to Wisconsin today for Thanksgiving...  safe travels to you all!  And here's to a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday - and getting more food and family than we can stand ;)


Sweater Blanket

Sweater (Gap); Scarf (Loft); Pants (Limited);  Shoes (Naturalizer);
Earrings (Nordstrom); Belt & Tights (Target)
Belkis Cruz Photography

I have a fleece robe that I absolutely love and wear around the house all the time... It's basically a wearable version of a baby blanket.  The other day my boyfriend came over and I had it on over a sweatshirt and sweatpants. He just looked at me and said "WHAT is that?"  Oh well... you want to see me looking cute?  Refer to the blog :) This sweater reminds me of a publicly acceptable version of that fleece robe - long, warm, and comfy... and I'm sure my boyfriend hates it too ;)


Midwest Gal

Dress (Chill/NY); Sweater (Limited); Boots (Nine West); Tights (Kohls)
Necklace (H&M)

I'm from Wisconsin and have been living in Minnesota for the past 8 years. Only in these states will you find a random display on the highway that includes a tractor and fake pigs and cows.  While there are many reasons that places like New York, Colorado, California, or Texas are more appealing - I can't imagine ever leaving the Midwest. What's a wedding without the hokey pokey or chicken dance... a Sunday without wearing green and gold... and beer without brats.  The Midwest is the best - don't cha know :)

PS. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was awesome!!!  Especially the shirtless Jacob part ;)


Friday Find: DIY

Breaking Dawn book to show scale (which I'm seeing tonight, yay!)

Canvas/Acrylic Paint/Letter Stencils (Michaels)

When I was a little girl, I would climb onto my Aunt Janie's lap and she'd sing "You Are My Sunshine".  And when it got to the part "you make me happy, when skies are..."  - she would let me pick the color of the sky.  And let me tell you, for a five year old girl this was the coolest thing ever - Aunt Janie had some major connections to be able to just change the song like that! And nothing made me feel more special than being able to pick crazy colors like a pink or purple sky.  So I painted this and am giving it to my favorite aunt as a "thank you" for making me feel so special and important - I'll never forget those moments  :)  


Behind the Curtain

Sweater (Loft); Skirt (Limited); Tights (Target); Necklace (Etsy); Shoes (Naturalizer)
Ryan Seidel Photography

Do you ever feel that if anyone got a chance to look behind curtain, you'd be exposed just like the "great and powerful" Wizard of Oz? Let me explain... my tights are basically 4 inches above my belly button (which is in no way right or comfortable), my necklace is being held together with a safety pin, and the soles of my heels are starting to separate at the toe - which causes me to literally trip over my feet when I walk. And so days like this I need a little extra time and effort in the morning to piece myself together... So pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain -  it may surprise you :)



Jacket (Kohls); Sweater (H&M); Scarf (Loft); Belt (Target);
Jeggings (Nordstrom Rack); Boots (Nine West)

Jeggings are somewhat confusing to me... Are they jeans that look like leggings, or leggings that look like jeans?  For something that falls somewhere between jeans and leggings, I guess they are the tofu of denim (or "facon" if you are a Modern Family watcher).  In any case, I am a fan of anything that naturally expands after a big meal... so whether you are having tofurkey or turkey for Thanksgiving - jeggings may just be the perfect pants for the meal :)


Dress Remix

Blazer (Kohls); Sweater (Limited); Dress (Taylor: Marshalls); Shoes (Ellen Tracy: Marshalls);
Necklace (vintage); Earrings (Nordstrom)
Nicole Lai Photography

Looking fabulous for less isn't just about scoring great deals or shopping at places that won't break the bank... remixing pieces are a great to way to give new life to items you've always worn a certain way and get more longevity out of your closet.  It's sort of like finding an ex after some time and realizing there is still potential - although that never happens. Remixing old boyfriends is a bad idea... trust me :)

Other ways I've worn this dress below (I also remixed the "hand on hip" pose)


Friday Find

Last week I picked up pumpkin bread mix at Trader Joe's and thought it would be fantastic with cream cheese (not a genius idea by any means - but for me it was substantial).  So when I proudly showed my boyfriend my oven baked creation, the first thing he says is "Another Pinterest idea?" Sigh... For once I come up with an idea on my own - although I'm sure it existed on Pinterest long before I thought of it!  Either way, this combo is amazing...  a perfect fall treat for any time of the day :)



Jacket (Macy's); Shirt (Old Navy); Jeans (Target); Socks (Nordstrom);
Shoes (Kohls); Necklace (H&M)
Dave Haas Photography

Why yes, I'm standing in a tennis court even though I don't play tennis.... this works well since I also have pictures taken of myself and my outfits even though I'm not a model, stylist, or celebrity (although I play one of the three on TV in my dreams).  Instead I play ping pong, and blog about fashion and my dog - which is good enough for me... although I think Rex wants more :)


Election Day

Shirt (Target); Tank (Marshalls); Pants (Victoria's Secret); Necklace (H&M);
Earrings (Nordstrom); Shoes (Naturalizer); Bag (Urban Expressions - Nordstrom Rack)

No matter what you believe or who you want to win, get out and VOTE!  
That is all :)


Cold Busters

Dress (H&M); Scarf & Tights (Target): Boots (Guess find at Marshalls)
Watch (Fossil): Earrings (Nordstrom)
Nicole Lai Photography

I'm a skeptic of those so called "cold busters" - like airborne or Emergen-C...  you are supposed to take them when you feel a cold coming on and it's supposed to prevent it from developing any further.  I caved and got a box of Emergen-C after feeling the dreaded pre-cold scratchy throat the other day. Admittedly, I didn't get a full blown cold...  Although I'm pretty certain that my bright yellow scarf is also chock full of vitamin C. And there's no evidence to suggest otherwise ;)