Coat (Rampage); Tights (Target); Sunglasses (Charming Charlie); Shoes (Nine West)
Belkis-Cruz Photography

The combination of the faux fur and brocade print in this coat always make me feel fancy.  Other things that make me feel fancy? Champagne flutes, cloth napkins, coffee after dessert, and saying the word "petit fours" correctly.  And of course Rex is very fancy - I like to think that if he could talk he'd have a British accent... And it doesn't get any fancier than that!



Dress (Taylor find at Marshalls); Jacket (Old Navy); Scarf (H&M); Tights & Socks (Kohls):
Boots (Guess find at Marshalls); Love ring (Etsy); Love bracelet (Windsorstore.com)
Nicole Lai Photography

So we can all agree that offices are generally freezing... but in this outfit I was actually too warm! Maybe it's the blanket scarf, or the long sleeve shirt under my dress, or the layers of tights, socks, and boots... but I found myself getting really uncomfortable.  And yes I know I could have taken off the scarf (which would have helped lower my body temp tremendously) - but this was a look that I was determined to keep together!  And was it worth it to basically spend the day in a constant hot flash?  Probably not :)


Shades of Gray

Sweater (The Limited); Hat (H&M); Leggings (Old Navy); Boots (Nine West);
Earrings (Nordstrom)

I love this hat (my boyfriend does not).  It reminds me of the Season 2 Sex in the City episode when Big gets back from Paris and Carrie shows up in a beret and a bag of McDonalds (containing Le Big Mac, Le Filet de Fish and Le French Fry)... and she precedes to throw the filet of fish at him when he tells her to not move to Paris for him (one of my favorite moments).  
Speaking of shades of gray, I'm noticing more on my Rex monster as he gets older (he will be seven this year!).  The other day when I was wrapping him up like a burrito (one of his favorite weekend activities), I took the picture below and realized how gray he's becoming... although he prefers to be referred to as distinguished :)


Friday Find

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I'm only 2 chapters in, and can already tell you that if you haven't read this book yet - you need to put it on your list. Two lines struck a chord: "What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner." The truth behind that is equally depressing and scary. Each chapter describes a monthly focus in Gretchen's pursuit for happiness (Boost Energy, Aim Higher, Make Time for Friends, Pursue a Passion, etc). Reading the author's journey to finding her happiness automatically makes you contemplate your own... and without trying to, I find myself embarking on my own happiness project - which is currently making me happy :)



Coat (Macy's) Blouse (Gap); Shirt & Belt (Target); Pants (Express); Hat (Francesca's)
Shoes (Nine West); Gloves (stolen from Mom)
Belkis Cruz Photography

There is something so fabulous about menswear for women - it's unexpected, edgy, and strong (not to mention warm...Minnesota is colder than the North Pole this week). Feminine details like blue suede gloves and high heels balance out the "dude looks like a lady" vibe.  And I think I've earned this look...  I kill spiders (typically shrieking upon the moment of magazine/spider impact) and I take out my own trash (usually when I forget to ask my boyfriend)...  So yeah, I can do it all!  Except change a tire :)  



Dress (Limited); Shirt & Tights (Target); Boots (Nine West); Collar Necklace (Etsy);
Belkis Cruz Photography

This dress resides in the "wedding attire" section of my closet... and there it stays until I have a wedding to attend.  But today I decided to end the injustice of reserving this dress for wedding cake and chicken dances, and took this dress to the office.  We attended conference calls, analyzed reports, worked on PowerPoint presentations, and ate lunch at my desk.  The verdict?  We both prefer wedding cake and chicken dances :)


Leopard Remix

Shirt & Tights (Target); Scarf (Francesca's); Skirt (Banana Republic Outlet);
Shoes (Kohls); Watch (Fossil)
Belkis Cruz Photography

When I was putting this outfit together I thought I was being pretty creative pairing my leopard scarf with my leopard shoes.  Then I realized I had already done this last Fall (evidence below).  It's that clear after a year and a half of blogging I'm starting to run out of ideas, but that's okay.  These two looks are completely different, which demonstrates the almighty power of the remix.  Other examples of the power of the remix?  Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby' Zumba remix :)


Friday Find

Headwrap (Forever 21)

In about 2 weeks the boyfriend and I are taking our first real vacation together... 6 nights and 7 days in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This is extremely exciting and slightly unnerving.  Make no mistake, I'm so ready for some warm weather with an agenda that consists solely of making it through the Caribbean cocktail list several times... And I'm all sorts of fun!  That is, all sorts of fun in contained doses that usually don't last longer than a weekend... I'm pretty sure the "Heather tipping point" is around 4 days.

And I plan on wearing lots of headwraps during the day to cover my greasy unwashed hair (all of these are under $4!).  There are not enough headwraps in this world to cover up all of the potential personality quirks that may be revealed in 7 straight days together ;)


Emerald Crush

Sweater & Necklace (Limited); Skirt (Banana Republic outlet); Tights (Target);
Coat (Calvin Klein via Macy's); Shoes (Naturalizer)
Belkis Cruz Photography

What better color is there for Spring style than emerald?  This gorgeous jewel tone is the hot color for 2013 and I love it... It's lively, vibrant, and fresh - and a beautiful color to inject personality into any look.  Not to mention all the green makes me think of the most fun holiday of them all...  I'm already looking forward to having a green beer to celebrate St.Patrick's Day with all of the other other folks who are only Irish for that day :)


Classy Clown

Top (MetroCity find at Marshalls); Pants (Limited); Necklace (Ann Taylor);
Shoes (Naturalizer); Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Nordstrom)
Dave Haas Photography

Bright red with polka dots is how I'm channeling my inner clown (my 9.5 shoe size is how I channel my external clown).  A fun and bright top is a great way to liven up a pair of boring work pants... and because of my hard core love of karaoke, I've decided that if the Spice Girls ever needed a number six, they can definitely count on Classy Clown!


Opposing Forces

Blazer (Kohls); Shirt (Loft); Jeans (Silver - Macy's); Shoes (Naturalizer);
Sunglasses (Charming Charlie)
Belkis Cruz Photography

A blazer is a great wardrobe staple that has transformative powers. It can give a flowy dress some structure, dress up a pair of jeans, make a playful pair of shorts more serious, and turn a pencil skirt into a power suit. And blazers are like shoes - you definitely need at least one in black, a few colored options, and the right one can make you feel confident and powerful. This casual Friday look is making me crave the weekend... are we there yet?


Friday Find

Love Bracelet (WindsorStore.com)

Last year I found and featured this love ring - and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. So when I came across this love bracelet I had to have it too :)  It's cute, delicate, rose gold, and a complete steal at $6.90 (although there is $8.95 shipping). But for around $15 it's a great little statement bracelet you can wear alone or invite to your arm parties. Consider it an early Valentine's Day present to yourself... I did :)



Dress (gifted by eShatki); Shirt (Gap); Tights (Target); Scarf (Loft);
Boots (Nine West); Earrings (Nordstrom)
Dave Haas Photography

I've been good lately when it comes to avoiding the post holiday blow out sales in an effort to curb spending (although I also argue it's probably quite irresponsible of me not to take advantage of all the deals out there!).  In an effort to shop my closet, this dress is an example of making a Spring/Summer piece work for Winter.  And it has pockets!  Pockets are sort of like sunglasses - they make you feel cool, mysterious, and kinda bad ass...or maybe that's just me.  You know you lead an exciting life when pockets make you feel edgy :)


6 Degrees

Faux Fur Vest (Joseph A find at Marshalls); Sweater (H&M); Leggings (Old Navy);
Hat (Steve Madden); Boots & Socks (Kohls)

At first I wanted to call this post "A walk in the snow" - which made me instantly think of the movie "A Walk in the Clouds".  Now all I can think about is Keanu Reeves and whether or not  I can link him to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees of separation.  It was actually pretty easy (only 2 degrees needed):

1. Kevin Bacon was in A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson
2. Jack Nicholson was in Something's Gotta Give with Keanu Reeves

And now I feel extremely accomplished and a little proud of myself :)