Jean Vest (Macy's); Dress & Earrings (Limited); Tights (Target); Necklace (Ann Taylor);
Shoes (Naturalizer)

Nothing like going outside to take pictures and having ten people from work walk by...  funny thing is, no one really looked puzzled or surprised.  I suppose my random behavior and oddities have become accepted at the office - which I appreciate.  So yup, keep on walking... and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain ;)



Top (Banana Republic); Skirt & Tights (Limited); Belt (Target); Shoes (Naturalizer)
Watch (Fossil)

Between the bow-tie top and high waisted skirt, I feel like I should be behind the desk of a library... which wouldn't bother me one bit!  I love everything about libraries... the random mix of people you find there, the quiet business, and the ability to borrow everything from electronic books to music and DVDs.  And something about walking through those rows of bookshelves takes me back to being a kid on the hunt for the latest Nancy Drew read :)


Leather & Lace

Jacket (Target); Dress (Nicole for JCPenney); Skirt (Stolen from Mom);
Tights & Shoes (Kohls); Sunglasses (Charming Charlies); Necklace/Earrings (Limited)

While leather and lace certainly come from two different worlds, combining tough black leather with sweet floral lace is a look that works well.  Every girl should own something leather other than shoes... there's an easy confidence that comes with wearing something so fierce, tough, and fabulous.  Who knew women's empowerment was only a leather skirt away?


Friday Find

Kate Spade iPhone covers (amazon.com)

An inexpensive way to get your favorite designer fix is through a stylish cell phone case/cover.  And if you're lucky enough to carry an iPhone, Kate Spade makes the cutest covers!  If you go on amazon.com, there a ton of options (by other designers too) anywhere from $10 to $20...  Which means you can carry Kate Spade in your bag, even if you can't afford to carry a Kate Spade bag ;)


Double Duty

Dress (Gap); Jacket & Earrings (H&M); Sunglasses (Target); Boots (Nine West)

I love how something as simple as a pair of sunglasses or earrings can completely transform a look. With the sunglasses I'm rock and roll concert ready.... and with a quick swap of accessories it's time for date night on the town. Who knew a black dress and sequin jacket could pull off double duty so well?  



Sweater (Vertigo find at Marshalls); Shirt (Gap); Pants (The Limited);
Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls); Bracelets (mix of JCPenney and Nordstrom)

There are certain things in life that cannot be ignored - like Shamrock Shakes at McDonald's, end of season sales, your brother's cute friend, and this sweater.  Just ask the guy who was lucky enough to be in the elevator with me... after a blinding flash of one of the sequins, I said "yeah I'm sort of a disco ball today".  He didn't seem amused.  Maybe I shouldn't have followed my disco ball comment by a twirl... oh well - I amused myself :)



Blazer (Kiss/NY); Shirt (Marshalls); Jeans (Buckle); Shoes (Naughty Monkey);
 Scarf (Target); Necklace (H&M); Cocktail Ring (The Limited

So lately I've been running around town pretending it was 60 degrees outside... which is super fun for pictures (yes I was freezing here and here and here) - and this weekend it caught up with me.  I've officially gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex, and I can't taste or smell anything.  So I've decided to dress appropriately (I suppose it is February in Minnesota).  Yes Mom, I'm taking it easy and drinking lots of orange juice ;)


Flower Power

Dress (Simply Vera, Kohls); Belt (Target); Jacket (Gap); Shoes (Nine West);
Earrings (Francesca's)

This outfit is powered by flowers... and somehow the first thing that comes to mind is Super Mario brothers and the bouncing fireballs Mario could throw if he got Flower Power.  Although Flower Power was a distant second to getting the Super Leaf (now we're talking Super Mario 3).  I'd much rather be able to fly than to shoot fireballs - which I'm sure says something profound about me...  Other than the fact I am a huge video game playing nerd :)


Friday Find

Dogeared necklace & charms (Dogeared Jewelry)

I am a huge fan of Dogeared jewelry, especially their necklaces... they are simple and dainty,  and typically come with a messages like dream, wish, friendship, karma, etc.  I have the gold karma necklace (featured here), but when I saw these little dog bones and paw charms, I thought they were just about the cutest things ever! And if you happen to be a cat lover, they have something for you too :)


Change of a Dress

Dress (Nine West find at Marshalls); Sweater (The Limited); Tights (Target);
 Sunglasses (JCPenney); Heels (Nine West)

Dresses are my favorite pieces - they are just so easy, comfortable, and the perfect mixing element.    I've worn this dress alone as a dress with heels, a top with pants (shown here), and here as sweater/skirt look.  Sometimes you don't even realize what you have in your closet until you start mixing and playing...  and sometimes a dress isn't just a dress ;)


Think Spring

Shirt (The Limited); Skirt (Gifted by eShakti); Hat (Marshalls);  Shoes (Nine West)
Bracelets (mix of gifts and Nordstrom); Rings (local craft show)

If you think it.... it will come - right?  Between this warm winter and Spring fashion around the corner, I'm so ready to say goodbye to my boots, hats, and sweaters!  If you've never heard of eShakti, you have to check it out!  It's an online women's clothing store with a a ton of fun tops, dresses, skirts at really affordable prices.  Their skirts are my favorite - so many styles... from nautical  to professional, long and short and in between, patterned and contemporary - This one gave me the Spring fix I need to get through the remaining weeks of winter - are we there yet!?


Puppy Love

Image by Jessica Barker Photography

Here is my love.. with his love. Rex is completely obsessed with balls, and this picture doesn't accurately capture the crazy in his eyes when there is one around. Hopefully today you are celebrating the people and pets that mean the most to you... and hopefully Rex will get a chance to chase a few balls :) Happy Valentine's Day!


Restitution Shoes

Jacket (Kenneth Cole); Shirt (The Loft); Skirt (JCPenney); Shoes (Nine West);
Necklace (H&M); Watch (Fossil)

One of the last times I was home, my Dad accidentally backed into my car parked in the driveway...   I think it was harder for him to tell me about it than anything else. After about a week of dealing with insurance companies and repair shops, my car was better than new.  And on the very bright side, he promised to take me out to lunch and shoe shopping - and these are the end result!  Dad, please feel free to back into my car any time you'd like ;)


Friday Find

Bracelet (Target)

Since I started the week with Target, I thought I'd end the week with Target...  I found this cute bracelet there for only $4!  It's the perfect layering bracelet to add a pop of color or a casual vibe to an outfit.  I picked up the turquoise one, but it was also available in plum and white.  Seriously for $4 each, you can have quite the arm party for a low cover charge!



Dress (Marshalls); Tights & Socks (Kohls); Scarf (H&M); Watch (Fossil);
Shoes (Naturalizer)

The last time I wore knee highs was in high school when I was trying to channel Cher from Clueless (still one of my favorite movies!).  It was fun to try out the tights with socks look - but I don't think it will be a recurring theme in my outfits.  My fashion goals for this year include pushing personal boundaries and trying new things... and to shop my own closet more.  Although I'm failing miserably at the latter - I blame Jason Wu and his Target collection :)  


Cayman Style

This could be a Target ad - everything is from there :)

The amazing house we stayed in during the trip

Our view from the balcony - we had our own beach!

Swimming in Sting Ray City - totally insane!

Me and my buddy - they were HUGE!

The vacation crew
Amazing Cayman sunset

Last week I was in the gorgeous Cayman Islands - and truly it was one of the best vacations I've ever had... if you've never had the chance to vacation in the Caribbean, you have to put it on your list!  The water is most beautiful blue and the weather is perfect.  The highlight for me was Sting Ray City - I definitely had to get out of my comfort zone, but touching these amazing creatures was an experience of a lifetime... The trip left me with a nice tan, some very fond memories, and fabulous new friends :)


False Advertising

Blazer (LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls); Shirt (The Loft); Pants (Gap);
Shoes (Naturalizer Outlet); Necklace (The Limited); Watch (Fossil);
 Sunglasses (Charming Charlie)

Am I the only one who assumed that the purchase of a boyfriend blazer came with a side of boyfriend?  After getting over that disappointment - I was pleasantly surprised with my first LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls purchase.  The style, color, and fit of this blazer is exactly what I was looking for - and the cut makes it casual while still feeling tailored and chic.  So this is today's public service announcement:  Boyfriend Blazer... boyfriend not included.