Jacket (Grandma's); Dress (Chill/NY); Leggings (Vera for Kohls); Shoes (Nine West); Sunglasses (JCPenney); Watch (Fossil)

This old jacket of my Grandma's is such a lovely piece...  The gold tones, floral pattern, and cropped elements keep it dressy while still casual, and so timeless! This jacket has literally been worn in every decade for the past 50 years - talk about a return on investment! I love how easily it transitions from an outfit my Mom (pictured above) wore for a wedding, to a fun look I would wear for meeting friends...  But seriously, how cute is my Mom :)


Struttin Boots

Shirt (The Limited); Vest (Marshalls); Jeans (Express); Boots (Impo find at Marshalls); Sunglasses (JCPenney); Pendant (Vintage)

These boots certainly were made for struttin!  And not only because they were total steal at under $50 from Marshalls...  They also do the impossible of making my size 9 and a half clown feet look like a respectable size 7, and for that I cannot thank them enough :)  The faux fur is so fun and has an element of luxe that only a fur look at accomplish.  I'm not sure Rex likes them though - he is very confused by the furry things on my feet!


Rule Breaker

Jacket (Kohls); Sweater (Macy's); Pants (Gap); Belt (Kohls); Scarf (The Limited); Shoes (Naturalizer Outlet); Sunglasses (JC Penney); Earrings (Nordstrom)

 So I know we're all aware that the "rule" against wearing white after Labor Day is long gone - but somehow I still feel like a rebel doing it.  I absolutely love these winter white pants - the only drawbacks is that their length prohibits any heel wearing, and they are never quite as white at the end of the day (no matter how careful I am!)  And I wish this jacket could be worn inside out, because it's just as cute on the inside as it is on the outside :)


Friday Find

Cyber Monday is almost here!  The Monday after Black Friday has become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year - and there is even an official Cyber Monday website!  CyberMonday.com highlights the best deals from over 700 online retailers.  There are featured deals, you can shop by category, store, and free shipping.  If you plan to join the 106 million plus Americans that will be online shopping this Monday - CyberMonday.com is a great resource to bring some method to the madness.


Giving Thanks

Image taken by Jessica Barker Photography

The holiday season officially begins with Thanksgiving and hopefully wherever you are, you are celebrating with the people (and pets!) who mean the most to you.  It's easy to get caught up in trivial nonsense, so remember that this time of year is about making memories with those you love. Which means even if you just got the worst hair cut, are late to dinner, or forget the cranberries... everything you need is around the dinner table (and under the table in Rex's case!)  Happy Thanksgiving and special shout out to my brother in Colorado - we miss you!  But that means the only competition for the wishbone is myself :)



Dress (H&M); Tank (Target); Shoes (Nine West); Necklace (Gift); Sunglasses (Kohls)

 I love a versatile black dress... this one is a great fall to winter transition piece with the longer sleeves and heavier cotton - it's easy to winterize with boots and a scarf, but also works for those coveted 50 something degree days in November (we've been spoiled with those here in MN, although those days may be sadly behind us).  The top has some personality with the pockets, wrap style, and collar - but really this look couldn't be more simple.  Gotta love an outfit that consists basically of one piece!


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The most beautiful tree in NYC on a rainy day

Times Square

Tree Lights at Rockerfeller Center

Empire State view at the Top of the Rock

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my favorite book because it so beautifully captures the things in life I never want to lose sight of: innocence, honesty, and hope.  And even though my favorite tree (pic 1) is not in Brooklyn, it's still in New York and it's all the same to a Midwesterner like me!  I got to go to New York for a couple days for work, and these pictures are my favorite moments.  There is nothing that can compare to the sights, sounds, and energy of New York - it's a place like no other, and it was so much fun to experience the magic firsthand!


Sponsored By

Jacket (Stolen from my mom); Scarf (Cynthia Rae); Shirt (Gift from The Loft); Jeans (Express); Shoes (Nine West); Earrings (Stolen from my mom); Watch (Fossil)

Between the earrings, jacket, and sequin tank - this look is proudly sponsored by my Mom :)  For anyone who hasn't raided their mother's closet lately, I highly recommend it!  There are decades of great finds that probably haven't been worn in a while that can easily be updated.  So, Mom hide your favorites - because the next time I'm home I plan on going on a shopping spree!  Not joking by the way...


Friday Find

Boots No7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion &  Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream (Target)

Boots No7 is the UK’s best-selling make up and skin care brand, with a range of quality and affordable products from cleansers to beauty serum. I have tried the Protect & Perfect eye cream ($19.99) - which is the perfect lightweight eye cream that helps to brighten the eye area and reduce the look of dark circles. I've also used the Highlights Illuminating Lotion ($12.99), which is a pearly pink light reflecting lotion that works to illuminate your skin and highlight cheek bones. You can certainly spend much more on quality skin care - but there's no need...  The next time you are in Target, check this line out!


Weekend Favorite

Sweater (Loft); Layering T-Shirt (Old Navy); Leggings (Victoria's Secret); Socks (Kohls); Shoes (Macy's); Belt (Target); Sunglasses (Target)

A sweater over leggings with boots is a weekend favorite for me... it's simple, comfortable, and still looks pulled together. Pairing knee high socks with boots is a great way to stay warm, and it's an easy update to your boots without spending a lot of money.  Plus it works with leggings, skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, and tights.   Is it Friday yet???


Red Scarves for Everyone!

Jacket (Kohls); Shirt (Francesca's); Jeans (Express); Scarf (Gift); Shoes (Kohls); Sunglasses (JCPenney)

Yes Rex and I are wearing matching red scarves :)  You can see just how thrilled he is about it in the second picture. I scored this lightweight motorcycle jacket from Kohls for next to nothing, and it's one of my favorite pieces to jazz up an outfit.  And pairing red, white, blue, and black is such a great classic color combo... Just ask Rex!  I know he loves the way it plays up his black and brown fur ;)


So 70's

Dress (Nine West find at Marshalls); Pants (Express); Necklace (The Limited); Shoes (Kohls); Sunglasses (JC Penney); Socks (Target); Watch (Fossil)

The bold and colorful flower print in this dress worn as a shirt has a great 70's vibe.  As long as you have a dress that isn't too bulky and pants that aren't too tight, you can tuck your dress in and create new looks with those summer dresses you thought you had to put away.  And adding fun printed dress socks are a great way to extend the life of your sandals and open toe heels as the weather gets colder.  It's fun getting style inspiration from the past... just tread lightly with the 80's :)



Sweater (Marshalls); Pants (The Limited); Belt (Old Navy); Necklace (The Limited); Shoes (Nine West); Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Norstrom)

Have you ever been at the point where you have no idea how your life is supposed to turn out... and you just want to hide from the world?  That's how today started (not to mention it's also a Monday), and this outfit was my attempt to "fake it till I make it".  If I was wearing what I was feeling like, I would have shown up to work in sweats with greasy hair and my dog.  Whoever says they don't believe in magic clearly has never owned red pants and a leopard belt :)


Friday Find

So I'm sure I'm the last one to get on the Zumba train - but I recently went to a class with my friend Sara and it was the most fun I've ever had working out.  Zumba is a Latin inspired dance fitness program - which basically means you dance to fun music (and can burn up to 900 calories in one hour!).  I'm uncoordinated, have little rhythm, and my booty shaking is just pathetic... but dancing to high energy music like no one was watching was the most empowering thing I've done in a long time.  If you haven't checked out this fitness craze, you have got to try it...  If I can do it - I promise you can too!



Shirt (Gap); Jeans (Express); Scarf (The Limited); Shoes (Franco Sarto find at Marshalls); Earrings (The Limited); Watch (Fossil); Sunglasses (Kohls)

Sometimes a shirt and jeans is just a shirt and jeans... add a scarf and heels and you're good to go!  A white button down shirt and jeans is such a simple and timeless look - and you can always dress it up or down with accessories... And when you want to frame up a great pair of shoes, cuff your jeans!  Yes your ankles may get a bit chilly, but heels should be celebrated, not hidden :)


Mix & Match

Shirt (Marshalls); Skirt (The Limited); Tights (JCPenney); Shoes (Nine West); Pendant (Vintage); Watch (Fossil); Earrings (Nordstrom)

Mixing patterns can be a fun way to create new looks with items you already own - and it works!  You may not think your striped top goes with your floral skirt or scarf, but you may be surprised to see that mixing actually matches... plus it's just fun to create new looks by pairing things you typically don't.  I know I get bored wearing the same outfits - and these were two pieces I ususally don't put together - but certainly will again!


Poncho Chic

Sweater (H&M); Layering T (Old Navy); Leggings (Victoria's Secret); Hat (Francesca's); Boots (Payless)

What's better than wearing a blanket all day? And when you add leggings, you really can't get much more comfortable!  And these gray boots from Payless are the perfect shopping boot. The importance of shopping in flats is something I realized the Black Friday I went shopping in Chicago in 4+ inch heeled boots...  By hour 5 I literally couldn't walk (oops!).  And the houndstooth fedora finishes off the black/white color contrast - plus it's just fun :)


Professional Edge

Shirt (Gap); Skirt (Banana Republic Outlet); Tights (Nordstrom); Necklace (The Limited); Sunglasses (Kohls); Watch (Fossil); Bracelet (Gift); Earrings (Nordstrom); Shoes (Kohls)

This oufit sort of reminds of a T-shirt tuxedo - formal, but ready to party.  That's how I feel in this look which I refer to as business professional with an edge.  While the button down shirt and skirt is pretty basic, the tights and shoes add a fun dynamic.  Sweater tights are such a great way to stay warm and integrate various designs/colors/textures to your outfits - and they're durable (I've had this pair for 2 years now)!


Friday Find

Leopard fleece gloves (Target)

So last week during a typical Target shopping trip (ya know - the kind where you need a box of kleenex and walk out of the store $60 later...) I found these leopard fleece gloves for $4.99.  They are going to be perfect to jazz up my winter coats, plus they are just too fun!  I have the same issue with gloves as I do with sunglasses - either one or both of the pair are always missing.  I'm so ready for when the trend of mismatch gloves comes around :)


Green & Gold

Blouse (Banana Republic); Sweater (The Limited); Jeans (Express); Shoes (Payless); Bag (Nine West); Watch (Fossil); Bracelet (Gifts and The Limited); Sunglasses (Elle for Kohls); Necklace (Karma from Dogeared)

This is a perfect casual Friday look for the office...  I typically don't pair green and gold together unless it's Sunday and I'm cheering for my favorite football team, but this pop of mustard yellow is the perfect fall color.  And these shoes are cute and comfy - and from Payless!  If you haven't checked out the Payless lineup in some time, it's worth a look... lots of designer shoes at great prices!



Sweater (Gap); Tank (H&M); Pants (Victoria's Secret); Scarf (Loft); Shoes (Nordstrom); Ring (The Limited); Necklace (Cherie Consignment Boutique)

Anything cable knit (especially sweaters) just makes me feel cozy. I think everyone should own one cable knit sweater - whether fitted, slouchy, cropped, or oversized. It's classic, comfortable, warm, and reminiscent of being a kid around the holidays (and if your parents didn't put you in a chunky holiday sweater, you should consider yourself lucky).  And no need to adjust your computer screen... my giant feet really do look like a pair of skis in pointy heels, but I love these shoes too much to care!


Denim & Leather

Sweater (Marshalls); Vest (Macy's); Skirt (Stolen from my Mom); Tights (Kohls); Boots (Nine West find at Marshalls); Earrings (Kohls); Sunglasses (Kohls)

If I could wear this leather skirt every day I would... It's one of my favorite things - not only because it's utterly fabulous, but because my Mom used to rock it back it in the day.  Brown and black is such a great combo, and adding the blue in the vest and earrings brings in some nice color.  Not sure I'm biker rally ready, but I certainly feel tough in this denim and leather look :)