Friday Find

I recently discovered an amazing summer cocktail that is light, refreshing, and delicious. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a box, with a straw...  The star of this little mixer is the honey flavored whiskey - every sip (...or gulp...or swig...no judgement!) is finished off with a lovely sweet aftertaste. Meet the Honey Bee.

Honey Bee

  • 1 part honey flavored whiskey
  • 2 parts sweet & sour mix
  • Quick dose of water to cut down on the sour


Unknown said...

YUM! This drink sounds delicious :) Definitely going to have to try this one out!

Harp Playa said...

Expect to have one or two of those next weekend!

sarah e said...

Not a huge whiskey fan, but it does sound tasty. I'm preferential to the Tom Collins myself, even if it does make me sound like a 70 year old woman when I order it. :)

Jackie said...

Now this is the perfect way to kick start the weekend! I've never tried honey whiskey but this recipe looks delicious!

xo, jackie

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Sounds so cool :) I will serve it to my boyfriend today :)

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Have a wonderful Day!


Unknown said...

Whiskey and soda is my absolute favourite drink. I think I'd love this!


Unknown said...

I love a good recipe including alcohol! Cheers to the weekend, and thanks for sharing!



Shannon Jenkins said...

Honey whiskey?! That sounds amazing!

<3 Shannon
Upbeat Soles

Unknown said...

This sounds really good and refereshing!
Red Reticule

Elle Sees said...

how did i miss this amazing sippy treat?? i need to whip up this stat! it sounds refreshing :)