Labor of Love

My daily orchid view 

New leaves and a new root

    This orchid is my labor of love... and the most work I've put into any plant.

After letting it sit on my windowsill at work with no progress for months, I was just about to throw it away when a co-worker looked at it and said there's no way it was dead since it had green leaves.  I then started googling orchid terms like a crazy person: what do white roots mean? What color are the roots supposed to be?  What is the difference between a spike and a root?  When can I expect my orchid to bloom?

So I brought my little gal home and repotted her... I got rid of the roots that were over watered and mushy... and once a week she gets watered and sprayed with orchid plant food. She seems happy, even growing new leaves and new roots.  But if anyone knows orchids, you know it's the coveted flower spike that will eventually bloom that I am waiting so impatiently for.

I don't have kids but I imagine the feeling is similar... I wake up every day to see if there are any changes, make sure she's had enough to eat and drink, and I hope I've given her everything she needs to grow and reach her full potential. And like kids - these toddler years truly are the worst (but I hear we'll be best friends when she goes to college).


Happiness at Mid Life said...

I have an orchid plant in my office that's in a similar situation. The leaves are so green but no flowers. I need to go and find some orchid food and see if it makes a difference.


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The Cranky said...

I'm sure she'll grow up to be a beauty, just like her Mommy!

Unknown said...

She's beautiful! I'm sure you'll see the flower soon :)

sarah e said...

Yay for plant resurrection! I struggle with some of ours at home too, but I recently purchased a basil plant for the kitchen window so I'm hoping I do better this time around. (Plus, who doesn't love fresh basil for cooking with, right?) :)

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I have an orchid that's been sitting for a year that still has healthy leaves but no stem w/flowers. I guess I need to repot it and add some fertilizer too! I hope your orchid blooms soon!
Jeans and a Teacup