Friday Find

Shoe-Pourri (Amazon)

The real and stinky reality is that your shoes are going to get funky. And not a good funky.  In the past I had tried putting baking soda and dyer sheets in said funky shoes, and even had tried some of the deodorizing sprays. Truly nothing worked and there were some beloved heels I avoided wearing for one very smelly reason.  And then I heard about Shoe-Pourri... it's a shoe odor eliminator that really works! It's less than $15 on Amazon, and has a nice cedar smell that truly zaps the funk out of your favorite shoes (and the shoes of any other stinky feet in your life)... So you can leave the funky to your style and music ;)


Unknown said...

AH! Heather, YOU SAVED ME WITH THIS. Joe really appreciates that you told me about this. My running shoes and all shoes (let's be honest) are much happier now!!!!!!!!

Doused in Pink Life & Style said...

This is a fantastic product! I'm definitely going to pick this up. Thanks for sharing!

Doused In Pink

Launna said...

This is exactly what I need for sneakers with all the walking I do. I'd never heard of it before xox

Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog, it's nice to meet you Heather ♡

Elle Sees said...

this sounds like a life saver!! i need to grab a bottle. happy week to you :)

Unknown said...

Such a smart product!