This picture of Rex does a good job of summarizing life lately... I'm not sure if comparing my life to being hogtied is a good thing - but recently I've thought a lot about how I spend my time.  On good days I feel like I'm giving a good 10% to 35 different things - and as summer ramps up with more travel both personally and for work, I'm afraid my priorities have  screen time taking up less of my day.  While I'll be posting less, I still plan on sharing on twitter/instagram/facebook... taking less outfit photos have translated into more boyfriend/friend time, fun craft projects, and cooking/baking conquests - and my major short-term goal is to start volunteering again (something I really miss). I hope this renewed focus on my tangible life gives me the energy for my social life again.  Thank you so much for the love and support... I promise I'll be back ;)


Salted Fudge Brownies

This little gem I found on Pinterest is a game changer. Fudge brownie mix + caramel + sea salt = salted fudge brownies. It doesn't get any easier than spreading the batter into a pan (I used Betty Crocker's double fudge brownie mix), drizzling 1/4 cup of  caramel sauce on top of the batter (using a knife to swirl over the surface), and sprinkling sea salt over the caramel.  They are super gooey and moist when they are done and truly the hardest part in this whole process was not shoving each piece in my mouth.  So depending on your level of self restraint, this may only make a half a batch ;)


Dress Remix

Dress (Target); Heels (Jessica Simpson find at Marshalls); Necklace (H&M);
Earrings (Nordstrom)

I love how a few subtle changes can completely recreate a look. Like this dress...  For a more casual look I paired it with wedges and tights in this post from March last year, and then wore the dress as a shirt in this post last August.  Hair up, nude heels, and a statement necklace fancy up this T-shirt dress for a mid-week Sushi date.  Remixes don't have to be overly complicated... a few tweaks and you'll find you can quickly change up a piece to create a look for any occasion :)


Max Boschke

Each Memorial Day I think of my Grandpa, Max Richard Boschke. While he didn't die in battle (he passed away in 2005), he was a proud US Navy Veteran who served his country aboard the USS Essex from 1943 to 1945 during World War II. He had met my Grandma shortly before he left to serve at 22 years old, and like many romances at the time, it developed over letters and visits back home. I think about what he gave up to fight for his country, what he went through as such a young man... and the hundreds of thousands of others who did the the same.  May we never forget that freedom isn't free...thank you to all of those who continue to serve, and a special thank you to those who have paid the ultimate price.


Friday Find

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (Walgreens)

Many of you asked about the face mask that actually shrinks pores that I mentioned in this post.  I've tried many face masks, and this one by far does the best job of making my skin feel like it has a clean slate.  This works best with normal to oily skin - and truly does remove impurities, clean out pores, and leaves you with clean, smooth and tight skin.  The only drawbacks are the funky green color and it doesn't smell the best - but for under $5 the benefits are completely worth it.  Not to mention I'm usually left alone when I'm wearing this (boyfriend and dog aren't a fan of the green faced monster) - so this also works if you just need some you time :)