Great Outdoors

From top left: Morning view of Fence Lake; Rex and I getting ready for a boat ride; 
the three amigos; Wisconsin tap handles before a wonderful meal

For Labor Day weekend, we went to my in-law's cabin to celebrate the last hurrah of summer. And even though I prefer every possible amenity to roughing it... there truly is something you get from experiencing the great outdoors in its rightful place in nature that can never be replicated in the city, suburbs or in front of any screen. Like disconnecting from technology and playing board games (although we did have to Google the rules)... Waking up, throwing on sweats and not even thinking about hair and makeup... Looking up at night and seeing thousands of stars in the sky (nothing beats the beauty and wonder of a diamond filled sky).  And the best part is the way time slows down, just enough to help you enjoy every sip of coffee, every wave in the lake, and every crackle of the campfire. There is a reason for the saying "life is better at the lake".

And my personal favorite is trying to get Rex out in the water... Click here for the video :)


Beauty Follower said...

Hi there!
What a fun video, what a great swimmer lol!


Rachel Lynne said...

Heather! I'm so jealous, it looks like so much fun :) We enjoyed a quieter Minneapolis (so dead here), but I would have loved to be at a lake! And Rex is SO cute! Emma would have been freaking out. I don't know that we'll ever get her to like the water!

Style For Mankind said...

This is really nice! Have a great day. :)


Gracey Williams said...

So adorable! Looks like you had a lot of fun

Breakfast at Gracey's

Couture Carrie said...

Awwww cute pups!


Elle Sees said...

awww! rex is such a cutie!!

Shauna R said...

Looks like fun! Hope it has cooled down for you guys as these past two weeks have been HOT here in Cali.

ThisGirlLovesChic said...

loved this post

This Girl Loves Chic

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