Friday Find

Carmex Varieties - Vanilla, Lime Twist & Pomegranate

I have had a love/love relationship with Carmex for as long as I can remember. I have tried Vaseline, Neutrogena, Nivea.. you name it. And I always come back home to Carmex.  My only beef with Carmex is that I was limited to the original, and sometimes a girl needs a fun flavor now and then... so when I stumbled on these three versions I was literally doing the happy dance.  My favorite is the vanilla - but each one is a great spin on the original. So if you are also a Carmex lover - you have to check these out. Oh, and they all have 15 SPF - BONUS!


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Ahh I had no idea they came in different flavors!

Tijana said...

great post and blog :)


Tania said...

Carmex works really well but I'm not fond of the medicinal smell. Because of that, I'm a devoted lover of the odorless Aquaphor! But I'll have to give these fruity varieties a try!

xx freshfizzle