Friday Find: DIY

Breaking Dawn book to show scale (which I'm seeing tonight, yay!)

Canvas/Acrylic Paint/Letter Stencils (Michaels)

When I was a little girl, I would climb onto my Aunt Janie's lap and she'd sing "You Are My Sunshine".  And when it got to the part "you make me happy, when skies are..."  - she would let me pick the color of the sky.  And let me tell you, for a five year old girl this was the coolest thing ever - Aunt Janie had some major connections to be able to just change the song like that! And nothing made me feel more special than being able to pick crazy colors like a pink or purple sky.  So I painted this and am giving it to my favorite aunt as a "thank you" for making me feel so special and important - I'll never forget those moments  :)  


Jacquelineand.... said...

What a sweet memory and thoughtful gift...both of you are very special ladies.

Enjoy the movie!

Ashley said...

Such a great project...it looks great. I especially love the sentiment behind it.

I'm seeing Breaking Dawn tonight too! Can't wait!

Kristen said...

Sweet story! Love it!

Heiress said...

It would have brought such a beautiful smile to your aunt's face :)
Very sweet !

And have fun watching breaking dawn !

Much Love
The Heiress Blog

For All Things Lovely said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your style, too! Would you like to follow each other? Happy Friday!


ALI&ANG said...

Thank you for the positive vibes! What an endearing post.

Ali of


Meera said...

What a sweet memory! This post is absolutely lovely.

xoxo, Meera

Bravoe Runway said...

What a fond memory of your aunt! I heard the twilight movie is supposed to have a very unexpected ending so enjoy the flick tonite!

Mira said...

Sooo lovely. Hope you enjoy the movie. I wanna see it too <3


blue roses said...

what a darling idea! and thanks for sharing your childhood memory.... it is so important to be able to take a few steps back from our hectic lives and remind ourselves what, and who, are truly important.


Milna Mandusic said...

Have fun at the movie!

>> milna89.blogspot.com <<

Julie said...

Aw such a nice memory. Thanks for sharing! xo, Julie

Bethie The Boo said...

Oh that's so sweet! And the print is super cute, it turned out really nice!

Jexika Lyter said...

hi hun,
I really like your blog and your style..so nice!
New follower there,
If you want I'm waiting for you on my blog!

kiss jexika lyter


Renae said...

Heather! hi! awh, that is so cute! i love when adults respect children and have loving moments to always remember with joy. you are blessed. your words to me were so nice, too.

Rachel Lynne said...

Awww this is so sweet! I love it :) :) :)

Creando mi armario said...

Great post, so sweet!
You have a great blog, i'm following you now :)

Catherine said...

Beautiful. What a special gift from the heart.

TheTinyHeart said...

What a sweet gift for your aunt! I wanted to see Breaking Dawn tonight too but I don't think I can deal with the teenyboppers. I made that mistake with New Moon and I couldn't hear half the movie due to all the screaming, ha.

The Tiny Heart

Fashion-Bridge said...

Such a cute post! Have a great friday & the weekend dear




Helene said...

this is so sweet! and have fun seeing breaking dawn!

zhanna said...

What an amazing memory!! I loved reading this post! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! And can't wait to see the final Breaking Dawn - eeek! :)


Meg {henninglove} said...

what a sweet memory! and i love the canvas project and what a great way to remember your aunt

Gloria said...

What a thoughtful gift! I'm sure she'll just love it :-)

beAllTheRage said...

oh so cute<3 amazing story!

rlutz said...

Way a wonderful sentiment. I once had someone who always sang that dons to me too...I miss him!!

Lauren said...

That is such an adorable and special gift! You are so thoughtful!

Fizz and Frosting

Coco said...

This is adorable :-))))

Milana said...

So sweet! How was the movie? :)

Kelly Jade said...

Love your blog!! Would love if you can check out mine,

If you want to follow eachother will follow straight back on bloglovin' & GFC!


xox Kelly

Tori said...

Aw! Very cute

Sam said...

Lovely memory and this a such a positive and optimistic poster to have around! Enjoy the movie!

Maria Morley said...

What a sweet sentiment! You did a lovely job! :-) Happy Friday to you!

Cravingforbarneys said...

Sweet story! Thank's for sharing! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful story. I sing that song to my son and he loves it. What a special memory of your aunt.



Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

she's going to love it Heather! that is so awesome. it's amazing the things we remember as a child and what things touched us. she is going to cry with happiness. your painting is beautiful. have a great weekend and enjoy the movie.

Allyssa said...

What a lovely memory! She's going to love it!


I love the painting and hope that your dear Aunt loves it as well. Such a great memory to cherish. xo/Madison

s said...

awe what a special memory~~ xO!

Anonymous said...

What a special painting! My grandmother used to sing me that song when I was a little girl. Such happy memories!

Well... said...

Awww, this is such a cute gift! I bet your aunt will love it ;)

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Outside Looking In said...

What a sweet gift and you have painting talent!!! Hope the movie was good!

Jessica said...

What a sweet memory!!

The Fashion Heels

Count To Four said...

aww such a sweet memory and sweet post!


Maca said...

Such a beautiful memory and what a sweet gift!

Francesca said...

Aww that is so sweet! That song brings back many memories for me too, my parents used to sing that to me all the time :)

Kristin Reynolds said...

so adorable love this!!!



Kate said...

It is so nice to make art and things for your home from childhood memories, really lovely:)
xx Kate

The Style Department

Mica said...

Aww what a beautiful painting, your aunt will love it! :)


Kacie Cone said...

What a great gift! Let us know how breaking dawn is!


Fashion Pad said...

Awww....your aunt is so fabulous! I loved how my aunt would allow me to bake cookies every time I went to her house. I could add anything to the dough (chocolate chips, potato chips, marshmallows, etc.) lol.

Rebecca said...

So sweet that is a lovely thank you!


Darby said...

OMG how CUTE is this! I can't handle it! Your aunt is going to absolutely ADORE it!

xoxo Darby
Obviously Obsessed

Josephine said...

That's so cute! How was Breaking Dawn Part II? I'm so excited to see it!

<3 Josephine

Kat said...

What a meaningful gift. I'm sure she will love it, but be sure to share her reaction with us!