Friday Find: DIY

Hangers & Shower Curtain Rings (Target)

After about a year and a half together, Tom is moving in with me... Which is awesome!  I can't wait to see him every day, and Rex is in desperate need of a stable father figure ;)  This means I need to clear out my spare bedroom closet for his stuff, and use my current closet space as efficiently as possible. My scarves were taking up entirely too much space, and I needed better system. Turns out I own 31 scarves (a fact I was unaware of until last week)... which  unofficially makes me the the Baskin Robbins of scarves.   After googling "scarf organization", I bought wooden hangers and plastic shower curtain rings (under $8 total) and was able to hang 10-12 scarves per hanger... and suddenly my closet got a lot bigger.  And, if anyone needs to borrow a scarf, just let me know - I've got 31 flavors! ;)


Nina Piccini said...

OMG! You should see the monstrosity that is my scarves right now! This is brilliant.

Thank you for sharing!
xo, Nina

Fashion Ganache said...

That's so clever!! I love your scarf collection
Fashion Ganache

Chahrazad said...

I saw this a few months ago. Its really clever!


Style by Three said...

Love the look! I am following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin? Let us know! Kisses! ♥


Cee said...

What a clever ideas! My collection of scarves isn`t too large, but I still definitely lack a good way to store them - must try this!

Rachel said...

Yay for moving in together! I'm in the process of trying to do the same with my boyfriend (but jobs are holding us back- meh!). This scarf idea is genius!

Ginny said...

I love this, it's totally genius. What beautiful scarves too!

Alissa said...

What a totally genius idea! I don't have very many scarves right now but I think it's a super cool idea.

Gloria e Rogerio said...

We love your post, wonderful, we're always giving all the news Thurs.
We wish you a great holiday.
Kisses Glorinha.

Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

I'd seen this on Pinterest and loved the idea but hadn't gotten around to it yet! Definitely need to do it because it does look great. I love your Baskin Robbins analogy! :)

A J said...

I'm jealous of your beautiful scarf collection!! And I like what you did to organize them. I bought a scarf hanger from Ikea and it works ok, but I like your idea much better.

Congrats on you and your man moving in together!


Rachel Lynne said...

This is amazing and I now know how I'm going to organize my scarves once I get to that point in my closet! And 31 scarves?! DANG GIRL! Although I could be close to that number... I will see when I get there ;)

Helene said...

i really need to do this, all my scarves are in a plastic box in my closet!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....so Tom is moving in with you?

sergio castaño peña said...

you really rock!
love your blog, so you'll have me here again :)

hope youll follow back <3

Rae @ The Lazy Girl Blog said...

That's a great idea! I bet you could try it with belts or long necklaces too!

Krystal said...

that is genius! i have so many scarves just balled up in a drawer

Amy Shaughnessy said...

This is a great way to store scarves! I only have a few and they end up thrown on a shelf somewhere. I think I saw one that fell behind my laundry hamper last week. My closet could use some organization starting with these!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Marika said...

What a great idea!! love it!!
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Kim Alston said...

Heather you are too funny! The baskin robbins of scarves! HaHaHa That's sweet he's moving in. It will bring you guys even closer. I wish both of you a Happy Easter! Have a fabulous one.

Alyssa said...

Aw, congrats you two! The way you hung these scarves is genius. Plus, they look so much prettier!

Bethie The Boo said...

Yay for moving in together! And I laughed so hard at your 31 Flavors of scarves! I miss Baskin Robbins. I've seen this idea but never thought of trying it, I might have to though, my closet is so packed!

TheTinyHeart said...

I just saw this idea the other day and I need to do this badly. My scarves are a mess! Yay for moving in with Tom!

The Tiny Heart
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Katie Aman said...

I'm in the process of doing this right now! What a coincidence! It really is a great idea and I have just about that many scarves too. They take up a lot more room than one would think!

Katja Š said...

Nice diy! I have million scarfs lying around because i don't know how to put them in a closet :D
Would you like to follow each other?
I'm already following u via GFC and bloglovin :)follow back :)?
have a nice day :)

Julie, from prosecco to plaid said...

Love this! What I'm currently using for my scarves doesn't work great, so I may try this! xo, Julie

Natalia A said...

Congratulations on moving-in together! Sounds wonderful!
And what a great idea about the scarves - very easy to achieve.
Happy Easter!

kateprs said...

Agh, I've tried this before, but the scarves always slide to one end. Hope that doesn't happen for you!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

Welcome to the fun world of sharing a closet. Don't worry, you can start to take over after a little while. :)

I definitely need to do this with my scarves...such a great idea. And you can see them better which is what is most exciting to me! I forgot about all my scarves this winter because they were stuffed in a drawer.

Have a great weekend!

Classy with a Kick

Allison Shorr said...

OMG I need to do this with my scarves!! My boyfriend and I just moved in together and its so fun and exciting!! Enjoy every second of it!!

Valerie said...

Ok I officially have scarf envy! You have such cute ones...I may need to steal some lol! Is the rest of your closet this organized?! Happy Friday!

weheartbeautyblog said...
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weheartbeautyblog said...

This is so clever! Definitely a great idea. And you have so many wonderful scarves!

I think my boyfriend and I moved in together around the same time during our relationship. Congrats! It's a wonderful milestone to reach :)

xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com
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Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a great idea! Good luck on sharing the closet space though...


Juneli said...

hahaha, you are so funny, Heather! Sure, as I have a total of 3 scarves maybe and d let me know if you need belts as I have a min of 31 of those!:) I have a belt and a scarf organizer which i found at Walmart and it serves the purpose for now. BTW there is no space in my closet so I hang it at the back of my bedroom door! Looks a little clumsy but only to me and the hubby as no one else enters our bedroom and shuts the door!;)
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Jacquelineand.... said...

That's a brilliant idea Heather....but even more importantly, all the best to you and Tom!

Adriana Lucia said...

Great post doll and good idea!!


Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

I am loving this idea! I seriously need to organize my scarf collection -eeeeek!

Have an amazing weekend, Heather!



wow lovely scarves and awesome way of storage!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram


wow lovely scarves and awesome way of storage!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram

Maca said...

Love the diy and jealous of your scarf collection!
congrats on the move in news!

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

Such a genius idea!

Mica said...

Oh thank you for sharing this! My Ikea scarf/belt organiser is overflowing and I have been trying to think of a cheaper way to store my scarves than buying another one - I'll have to give this idea a try! :)

Away From Blue

Akinyi Ragwar said...

What a great idea with putting the scarfs on a hanger your so creative!

xoxo Akinyi


silvergirl said...

My scarves are in a huge mess, but they are all on hooks
How can my organization skills be that lame??
Hope you have a great Easter weekend

Happiness at Mid Life said...

Congrats on your move in. I am afraid to count how many scarves I own. Love this idea and it's so much easier to find then how mine is stored today (in shopping bags all shoved in).


Aleksandra said...

Great idea !


Ashleigh said...

This is super cute! And anyone could do it! I like it, it would probably work for belts too!

ashy said...

this is such a cool idea, Heather!looks neat and organized.

Adrienne Clark said...

Oh.my.gosh! What a great idea!!! Literally I was just thinking yday that my closet needs a makeover because it perpetually looks like a tornado is hitting it! Thanks so much for the idea! New GFC follower!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Naana said...

You got a lot of stuff and they all look great! x

C▲RO said...

wow that's such a great idea! so cleverly solves :)

Angela said...

perfect way to organize scarves. thanks for sharing.
Method Clothe

fleurani said...

Heather, I am so glad you posted this, my probably 50 scarfs are totally messed up in a bag. I will def copy this idea, how fun and so much room saving. Thanks for this, you are the BEST.



Sarah Hulbert Style said...

As an official scarf addict myself, I have to say that I think some beautifully organized scarves are such eye candy! It's amazing how you can just look at one and plan a whole outfit around it!!! ~Sarah

shayla. said...

lovely scarfs :)

dawn said...

oh wow !! so exciting- congrats hope you ahve a wonderful time together!!
Don't let him have too much space we need our wardrobes lol !!! :-)



What an amazing idea! Really clever :-)

xo The Daily Fashion Drug

Style by Three said...

Such a great idea! Loved it!


Francesca said...

Haha how clever! Your scarves look great on that, and I love your Baskin Robins analogy!

beAllTheRage said...

clever idea;)

Nicoleta_B said...

Happy Easter, my love.


Lots of Love,


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I totally need to do this! My scarves are all over the place lol.

Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant idea!
Every girl should have a million scarfs!
Awesome about the man!
x Kirsty

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

What a great idea! I have a clothing pole that I put all my scarves on, it's super convenient! I'll have to bookmark this for when I move though, I don't think many closets have an extra pole so I'll have to be prepared!
Isn’t That Charming.

Cinz said...

Awww...you and Rex must be super excited to have Tom move in:D And wow...what a collection of scarves!!! I'm amazed at how hangers and curtain rings can help save you closet space:) An idea i will bear in mind;)

I've got an obsession of buying scarves too but i think i found someone who buys more than me,lol
I love the leopard print and the red/blue wavy print in the last photo!!!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Super idea...love scarves!! Hope you had a great Easter doll & wish you a great week too xx

Pixie in Pumps said...

what a great storage solution for scarves. And I love your 31 flavors of scarves! So bright and colorful!