Bus Stop

Shirt & Tights (Target); Sweater (Loft); Skirt & Necklace (Limited); Shoes (Kohls)
Dave Haas Photography

Why yes I'm just hanging out at the bus stop. It's a very good thing I don't have to actually rely on public transportation... the one time I did I took 2 wrong buses, and ended up getting home 3 hours later than usual.  Not to mention I was that girl sitting in the front by the bus driver (tears in my eyes) so he could help me get off at the right stop.  Having said that, as bad as I am with directions - I can ALWAYS find my way around a Target :)


Amanda Raborn said...

LOVE the layers! That bus story is TOO funny!

It's an Easy Life]

Jacquelineand.... said...

Now I have "Under My Umbrella" (Bus stops, bus goes, we say love grows, under my umbrella...) playing in my head.

Love this outfit! Happy Christmas Heather. =)

tiny dancer said...

hehe! I also can't stand buses and usually I walk everywhere. Like hardcore, like walking 4-5 km to get to work instead of just talking the bus and getting to work in 10 mins.....eeeee :P

Cute outfit, love the texture mixing going on here :) looks warm too!


Lilli said...

So adorable look! I like the shoes! Nice pics!:) xoxo

Penniless Socialite said...

I don't even think I could find the bus stop near me...haha. Love those shoes!
Penniless Socialite
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Bravoe Runway said...

Don't feel bad, I have lived in Chicago for 8 years and I still don't have a good grasp of taking the bus. It's the l train or. Cab.....

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Daniella said...

Hehe aww, I cant stand it when I have to use a bus. Sweetie this is such a great look! I adore your skirt, looks so cute and chic with the collared shirt and knit. :)

Take care,

Daniella xox

Sam said...

This is a beautifully layered look, nice blue tones and texture! Oh no about the bus experience, I haven't ever tried used buses here in SA, its not usually safe

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

great layering and i LOVE those shoes!

XO Meghan

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I love that sweater - what a pretty knit. And I find buses a pain - I used to ride one to work and it took me FOREVER to get home if I took the one bus (I was the second to last stop on the route and got on at the first!)

<3 katherine

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

Hahaha I can relate to that Heather....always disoriented but never around a Target!!! But you are looking so terrific here!


Bel said...

Lovely outfit! Love the different layers.
I hate public transport too!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

absolutely love your style!!

Julie said...

What a great outfit. Love that sweater! xo, Julie

Annie said...

Love the layers - that sweater is so pretty!

The Other Side of Gray

Alissa said...

I am going to New York this weekend and omg I am terrified of taking the wrong bus! Lovely, lovely layers!

Lauren said...

Love the layers and the sweater! So cute!

Fizz and Frosting

TheTinyHeart said...

When I lived in New York, I took the subway every day to work but I never took the bus. The buses drove me nuts!

The Tiny Heart
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Helene said...

love this bus stop look! should be in a magazing, and yes I get lost too! but not in Tajey.

Bethie The Boo said...

I can't even begin to list all the reasons I love this outfit! The layers, the individual pieces, so cute!!

I don't have to take the bus and I'm thankful for that. I'm ok with directions, but like you, you put me in a Target or a mall and I can get you where you need to go in two seconds!

Olivia Moone said...

Your sweater is perfection. You can what that with just about anything. Love the classic tights with black shoes. Super chic.


alongobucco said...

You are such a layering queen AND you look gorg in blue. Love this!

The Glossy Life

Rebecca S. said...

I love the layers, they look great. The sweater is pretty, you could pair it with so many different outfits!

Angela Celio said...

You are not alone with the wrong buses. I get of on the wrong train station here all the time and get totally lost. LOL. Love the layered sweater with the collared shirt. Cute combo.


Always Maylee said...

The bus always intimidates me! You look so cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Midheta Agic said...

Beautiful. Love the pics.
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Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

So funny how we all have our own sense of direction : )

Clare D said...

I am loving that skirt and the layering!


Rachel Lynne said...

Haha, I'm secretly trying to figure out where you are but I can't ;) And honestly, I don't understand how I could get myself around on buses in places like Rome and where I studied abroad in Wales, but here it is just confusing. My personal opinion is that most places in America suck at public transportation :)

Anyway, LOVE your sweater and shoes!

Inggih Laras Ati said...

Gosh.., I adore somuch your mix and match for this look.
So perfect sis..
I think, your style is feminin and classic. So Female :)
Nice blog to be my formal style recomendation when I need it..
Followed you ofc...

Wanna come to my blog n follow each othe if you mind
Xoxo, Ila

yati noah said...

love the looks =)

have a great day lovely =)

Love, Yati


Go For The Glam said...

Haha, I get so confused when I take the bus...and the trains (not sure what they're called) at some airports...and don't even get me started on the subway in nyc. I can't handle it! But I love this look - super cute!

xo Olivia
go for the glam

Shea Sayers said...

Oh that is TOTALLY me. I get lost anywhere and everywhere (although I'm also pretty good in a Target). I love your pretty layers!

EIDesign Glamour said...

Oh that is so a lovely look !!!

EIDesign Glamour

Nicoleta_B said...

Love the sweater, looks very beautiful.

I love that you smilling in all pictures. You transmit a very good ebergy :)

Many kisses,



Niki Caron said...

I am awful with public transportation! I have no clue! Love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit!

Agnes Mayer said...

Funny story and adore the outfit.



Rebecca Ragionieri said...

Maglioncino carinissimo (: Reb, xoxo.

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Juneli said...

Love those layers, Heather, and those peep-toe Oxford like booties are so fab!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

dreamingincashmere said...

SO cute! I love the sweater!!

JustJaslin said...

Hahaha the way you described the lost journey was so funny. :x love the sweater look!

♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

Kacie said...

Great layers! I love the print of your skirt!


Akinyi Ragwar said...

Haha you can find your way in a target...This outfit so amazing you added the black tights, which makes your look cool and sophisticated! Love and Love!

Elsha said...

Love the layering! I miss at least one connection and stop a day with the bus :) But it always makes for a good story

newpetite said...

Those shoes are fab and love the layers!

Chahrazad said...

Cute outfit. I always have to go with the bus. I have a love-hate relationship with it.


rlutz said...

Being able to find your way around target is all that matters! I love the added layer and texture with the sweater!!

renae said...

Heather! Awh! Loving this ootd! great combination/ensemble. thank you for your wishes for my family and friends. so nice of you. i can still blog/write but can't post due to absent computer but live droid, which is not simple or has sequins. LoL. i love your humor in your short, succinct posts. (hug)

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Haha, you are so stinking cute! I feel you about busses - I feel like I always get lost and then I have to call my byofriend to tell me what other busses i need to take....not very successful!

Love the mix of textures and colors with this outfit - so fabulous :)


Terri said...

The only routes you need to know: how to get to work, how to get home, how to get to Target.


FierceandFashionable said...

Love the cream sweater! My fav!

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Love this outfit and all the layering. Those shoes are seriously adorable!


Head to Toe Chic said...

I love all the layers and your shoes are amazing!


Jessi said...

Oh my goodness TWINS! I'm absolutely terrible with directions, like SO bad I've done that same exact thing with the bus before when I was going to school and I've got on the freeway going the wrong direction countless times....
Anywho, I love your sweater and that skirt is super cute!!

Diwata Luna said...

You are the master of layering! Ha! And you have an amazing set of plaid shirts, miss!

Anonymous said...

I too would be the same if I had to catch buses!
Looking great Heather. The jumper works great over the shirt. And LOVE the shoes!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Very lovely! The sweater looks perfect.

Mica said...

Really like your skirt! :) Shame you got home so late after trying the buses - 3 hours is REALLY late!


Katie Q. said...

Oh dear, that's awful about the bus story! (I have that problem with our buses up here as well, but that's more due to the bizarre routes and times they run on, no one under stands them!) I really love this crochet sweater over the denim one, it's so pretty.

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

Awful bus story...such a shame!! Your shoes are wonderful x

Nancy Spitaleri said...

Lovely outfit, especially the shoes :)
I definitely follow you, also on twitter. Would you like to follow each other?


kisses from Rome <3

Anonymous said...

This is cute!! Love that sweater. I'm a sucker for anything open knit.

beAllTheRage said...

lovely sweater:)

GeorginaGoodman said...

great look
Georgina xxxxx

Ashley said...

Why am I the same way? Going the wrong direction on a one way street...yes. Going exactly to the shoes no matter what Target I'm in...yes.

Rachel Ashely said...

Nice heels!!! You look darling!

Rachel Ashley


Oh no! that's too bad, but at least you made it to a good destination ... Target! :) Love the shoes!

Elana said...

Oh no, that sounds horrible! I'm totally with you though, I'm awful at directions, but can find my way around ANY Target or mall! Love the layers here, especially that skirt!

Margaret Cruzemark said...

I know that when I will visit your blog, I will always see just the best of you. Congrats.
Kisses and hugs
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Josephine said...

Great look! Buses can definitely be tricky sometimes, but props to you for never getting lost in Target :) That's an infinitely more important skill to have anyways. Have a great holiday!

<3 Josephine

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

fabulous skirt and sweater!!! i didn't notice the bus stop. that's how much you stand out! great job!

Sistergirl said...

Oh, I love this and I am going to copy it...GREAT JOB

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

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