Friday Find

Last week I picked up pumpkin bread mix at Trader Joe's and thought it would be fantastic with cream cheese (not a genius idea by any means - but for me it was substantial).  So when I proudly showed my boyfriend my oven baked creation, the first thing he says is "Another Pinterest idea?" Sigh... For once I come up with an idea on my own - although I'm sure it existed on Pinterest long before I thought of it!  Either way, this combo is amazing...  a perfect fall treat for any time of the day :)


Sabrina said...

Hmmm,this makes me hungry ;) xx

Georgia. said...

This sounds interesting! I may have to try it :)
Georgia x

Diwata Luna said...

I haven't tried pumpkin bread or cake, but I hope I find some here. Pinterest IS full of recipes to try. I pin away even if I don't cook!

Rachel said...

Looks so easy (and yummy!)

Life Unsweetened

Maria Morley said...

Lol, that is funny. It looks delicious! I am definitely going to have to do this -- I love dressing up yummy Trader Joe's finds!

Bethie The Boo said...

YUM! I haven't been to Trader Joe's in a long time, we don't have a close one up here in the Northern 'Burbs. I do love their stuff though! Might be worth a drive somewhere!

Rachel Lynne said...

That looks super delicious! OMG. Happy Friday Heather :) :) :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Helene said...

I have yet to been to trader joes! This looks divine!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Gosh I love TJs - I need to head over there and get some of their pumpkin-y goodness soon. :)


Kristin Reynolds said...

looks delishhh thank you so much for your nice comment<3 i so appreciate it!



Juneli said...

hahaha, who cares if its a pinterest idea or a genuine one, as long as it tastes good! Looks yummy, Heather, great idea!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Vesta said...

Cool blog :) ♥
Visit my best friend's blog and if you can follow it :)


Allyssa said...

That looks delicious! Don't you just love it when you come up with ideas without the help from Pinterest?

Shannon said...

mmmm.... looks delicious!

Lia said...

Haha though I love Pinterest, I am scared of going on it too much for the very reasons your boyfriend pointed out... ideas cease to be yours!

It looks yummy by the way, and now that Halloween is done I'm sure pumpkin-flavored stuff will be way cheaper now.

Katie Q. said...

Oh jezzz, Trader Joe's stuff is just too yummy, we got pumpkin pancakes through them and they're delicious. :)

samecookiesdifferent said...

love your header - this cake looks really yummy - would love to try :)
x the cookies

Outside Looking In said...

Ah, two of my favorite things combined---pumpkin and cream cheese! Looks delish!

Jessica said...

That looks delicious!!!

The Fashion Heels

Kate said...

looks yummy!:)
xx Kate


Cafe Fashionista said...

Swoon! I need a slice of this ASAP - it is so fall perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds so good right now!! I need to go get the stuff to make it tonight:)

Mary said...

What a cute, tasty looking season of year cake. enjoy! PS...I thought I had joined you...I will now.

tiny dancer said...

Genius! I'm on a MEGA nutella kick right now, its going on everything. But this makes me think I might pick up some icing at the store tomorrow.....dangerous combination :P


Jeans and a Teacup said...

Love Trader Joe's! And the cream cheese icing looks so yummy on the pumpkin bread!

kateprs said...

This looks so delicious!!

Kate @ A Journey in Style

Jenny said...

Sounds and looks delicious! Never tried pumpkin bread, but definitely a cream cheese lover, so I think I'll have to try it! And I haven't used Pinterest for recipes, but now that you mention it... But thanks for sharing this, I hope you enjoyed it!


_Denise_ said...

mmm... you make me hungry!! ;)

Elle Sees said...

hehe, i love trader joes, pumpkin-flavored anything, and a quick recipe!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

yes! yes! Yes! that combination is sooooo good together.