Pinch Hitter


Blouse (Banana Republic Outlet); Skirt (Limited); Shoes (Franco Sarto find
at Marshalls); Belt (Target); Earrings (Nordstrom)

It wasn't until another blouse I wanted to wear was in the laundry that I thought to pair this top and skirt together. So this top is essentially the pinch hitter of this outfit (which I think means substitute)... And would that make my original blouse the designated hitter?  And does the combo of the two bold prints equal a double play?  I'm started to give myself a headache. All I know about the game is that it's much better with peanuts and beer... and there's no crying in baseball - even when your designated hitter is out of commission ;)


LoveT. said...

Great Combination ,you look fabulous!

Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

evi mili said...

lovely blog!
i have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
check out my blog for more info!

Annie said...

Ooohh that skirt is SO pretty - love it!

The Other Side of Gray

Mica said...

Love the mix of prints! They work so well together I thought it was a dress at first! :)


My Vintage Curves said...

love this prints together!


lovely shoes n great pattern play! d top is cute!!
new post up

two birds said...

what a pretty skirt! and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to baseball analogies!

the creation of beauty is art. said...

Love these mixed prints! That top is beautiful!

Hotchocolate4Sunshine said...

you have a great smile. That outfit is fabulous. ♥

Always Maylee said...

I LOVE this blouse and skirt together! So pretty.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Juneli said...

Lovely pattern mixing, Heather- bold and statement making! You look beautiful!

Hannah @ Tattoos and Pearls said...

Um- Loving this combination! I love that it is two large scale prints together. So fun. And I think your pinch hitter should replace whatever designated hitter you were going to use.

Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

Jessica said...

hah i don't know anything about baseball really but it is a fun mix of prints :)


Ashley K said...

I know nothing about baseball but that sounds about right ;) What a great match up you have on.

Anonymous said...

The two bold prints really work terrifically well together! Such a great combination and something I would never have thought of :) Love that you left the bow untied too, it gives the top a whole different look!

<3 Cambria

smk053078 said...

Too funny!! This cracked me up! Serious double play! So cute and bold, my lady!! Homerun!?!?

Kat said...

It works! For a second, I thought the dress was dip-dyed (I have dip-dyed stuff on the brain right now!), but then I realized it was two separate pieces. Too cool!

The Tall Blonde Artist

Bravoe Runway said...

This works, and the patterns look very similar even though they're not! Very nicely done.

yiqin; said...

omg the print is perfect

the Queen City Style said...

This outfit is a 10 in my book!!! Love the pattern mix!

newpetite said...

The prints work so well together!

Irene Buffa said...

love ur dress!

Visit my Blog


Sarah said...

Wow, I love the mixed prints together! The colours of the shirt and the skirt go together really well too :) xx


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this outfit! Seriously, I scrolled through the pics with my mouth open - I LOVE pattern mixing (wearing two patterns today myself!). Gorgeous look!

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

I would never look at those two items and think they go together, but you totally made them work. Makes me think of all the possibilities I am overlooking in my closet!

Thanks for your sweet comment on Everything-Pretty!


Beauty Follower said...

I like how you matched those patterns together!

Callie said...

I love the mixing of prints here. It's bold and makes quite the statement with the contrasting colors. I think you just inspired me to get a little more daring with my print mixing. And pairing it with the nude pump was a great choice. Lovely!


Terri said...

That is some excellent pattern mixing you're sporting, madam!

The Sunshine District said...

This is some expert pattern mixing my dear, just love!
xo jac

Rachel said...

haha funny.. as soon as i saw the title i scrolled down to the read the explanation. risky look! I love the combination of patterns and colors though, it worked out perfect!

xo Rachel


Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

These patterns look so great together! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) I'm now your newest follower!

Kat said...

you look sooo beautiful! love this look :)


Head to Toe Chic said...

I love these two bold prints together!! They look like they belong together.


Nico Saich said...

You are becoming an even better writer! I love your writing style! (Random compliment but i thought you deserved it) This outfit is killer! Loving the two prints together! Your closet must be a treasure chest filled with amazing goods! Oh and your hair is looking ultra shiny and breezy, did you switch shampoos? And thanks for the comment! I really loved the outfit from my post today... I was all excited to be in sneakers vs heels!



Simply Bubblelicious said...

Those prints together totally work! Well done. Tee Hee. it's a total double play.

Allison said...

I love the mix of prints!!

Rory said...

You are an expert in print mixing! My dad always tells me that there's no crying in baseball :) Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm your newest GFC follower! I love your header...such a cute puppy!!! <3
Handpainted crystal friendship bracelet giveaway!!!

Tarah and the City said...

Hello Heather,
Great print mixing, so original and well done. I loved how you referenced your clothes to the game of baseball, or is it golf ?
lol.. I don't watch either... Can you tell?
Your nude shoes go so well with you pairings.
Tarah and the City

becks said...

you're so good at mixing prints! x


Fash Boulevard said...

OMG. Loving your outfit. Those mixed patterns are uh-mazing. Great post.

I just posted pictures of my wedding. I would love for you to stop by and check them out. I'd love to hear what you think. Xo

Kathleen Lisson said...

No, the designated hitter bats in place of the pitcher. This outfit is a spirited mix of prints.

My Cowlick said...

I do not have a clue about the baseball terminology, but I do know you did an amazing job mixing the two prints!!! Beautiful :)


Alexia said...

Love how you mixed the 2 prints. This looks amazing!

xx Macie said...

I love mixing patterns! Very cool.

amen fashion xo.

Cri said...

Oh, deear, do not worry! You are incredibly stunning! Modern and elegant!


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

the two bold prints together look really good heather. rock on chic chic!

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