Just For Fun

Dress (JCPenney); Belt (H&M); Shoes (Nine West)
Photography (David R. Martinson)

This dress is literally just for fun... I didn't get it for a certain occasion or for a specific reason. I fell in love with the maxi style and multi colored stripes and felt the "just for fun" category of my wardrobe could use more pieces.  And the best part is that I instantly feel happier wearing it! In fact I will blame this "just for fun" mentality for my last grocery trip where among other things I left with root beer flavored milk (try it, it's amazing), cake confetti ice cream, and Kellog's new Krave Chocolate cereal (basically corn puffs with chocolate in the middle).  Dessert for dinner?  How fun is that? :)


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

What a gorgeous dress! You sure are rocking the maxi dresses this week - I hope you're feeling better tho. and p.s. I loooove these posts that feature little Rex :D Kinda made my day!


ANGIE said...

This dress is amazing...so glamour and chic style:)I love it.

Unknown said...

i am totally in love with maxi dresses right now, and this one is so unique and love the colors. you look so cute... not to mention your dog is just so stinkin' cute! :)


Annie said...

Um...I'm in love with that dress too! Love your impulse buys! Root beer flavored milk? Sounds amazing! You look fabulous :)

The Other Side of Gray

celyneglam said...

great dress,love it!

do u want follow each other??



Daniella said...

That dress is gorgeous!! The colours are stunning and i love its maxi length. The bronzed gold shoes compliment perfectly and give the dress an exotic feel. Also i love these photos,so sweet :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Bravoe Runway said...

I love this dress Heather! I can't believe it is from JCPenney! I was going to guess Nicole Miller, wow! It fits you extremely well and I love the colours. Gorgeous photos!

keijtieloves said...

thank you for stop by my blog :)
your pictures are so verry beautiful :), i love your dress.. and your dog.. how cute :))

lovely greetings*

Anonymous said...

Oh so gorgeous!! Just for fun clothes are the best. Fashion should make you happy, and I can tell you are! Plus you look sooooo freaking tall in this dress! Love it!

TheTinyHeart said...

That dress is so gorgeous on you, Heather! I love the bright colors. I tried that Kellogs Krave cereal and it was so delicious :)

The Tiny Heart

Catalina said...

Ah! This dress is AMAZING! It wins all the awards in my head. Including the one for perfect length... Awesome find :).

Catalina @ City and Burbs

RedTagChicLosAngeles said...

OMG this is such a beautiful dress....I see you're also in love with maxis like me!!!!


Kathleen said...

I like the stripes. Perfect dress for a rainy day - it reminds me of rainbows!

Unknown said...

Okay Heather... I am hopping over to JC Penny NOW to hopefully purchase this dress for myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE and of course it looks fabulous on your long lean self!!!

Shea Lennon said...

The "just for fun" category is my favorite! That dress is gorgeous--I love the colors and stripes. I think you'll find plenty of occasions for it!

Unknown said...

Hope you don't just wear it for fun because it's too gorgeous!! :)
Your doggie is adorable too! Love the name of the log lol
Thanks for visiting my blog, would you like to follow each other?

My Vintage Curves said...

I love every single dress you wear!!!!!! This is one of my favourite

Laura said...

Gorgeous dress - I love that it's just for fun too, although I'm sure there will be plenty of occasions that it's perfect for!

Joy said...

Lovely dress! Ur puppy is also adorable!


Hannah @ Tattoos and Pearls said...

This dress is absolutely stunning on you. And I am full agreement that you should buy things, "just for fun." That is what fashion is all about, right?!

Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

welldressedmaker said...

Ohhh it's sooooo beautiful! I think the colors complement your skintone perfectly!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Lela London said...

I LOVE THIS (and I'm not a big fan of maxi dresses). You're stunning!

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Because Shanna Said So said...

I tried on this same dress. Loved it, but it was too long for me. It looks awesome!! And Root Beer Chocolate milk? Oh my stars, I have never seen this little piece of heaven. I am on the hunt!!

Andrea said...

Love this dress! Your little pup looks like they are enjoying their photo op too!

Vivian said...

Wow! You look gorgeous in this maxi dress! The bright colors are so much fun.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Have a fabulous day!

xo Vivian
Flightgirl Fashion

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

love your dress. it looks fabulous on you! it would probably be too long for me. & love your little pup in your photos


Unknown said...

I adore your dress, it's so flattering and looks great on you + you have the cutest dog/accessory ever!

xo Mary Jo

Seize the Styles said...

That is like the happiest dress ever! And your dog is so cute :)

Seize the Styles

Outside Looking In said...

That is a fun dress! Love the length and the gold shoes are the perfect choice!

Allison said...

Love the stripes! You look great!

Paulinne said...

OMG! Phenomenally blog;) LOOKS great, I'm here for the first time but not the last;) I add to follow :))

I invite you to me;) and I hope that you join my followers.

kisses and a nice days :)

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT just for fun wardrobe piece...love the bright colours, the vertical stripes are so flattering, and the structuer of the dress is delightful!

<3 Cambria

fleurani said...

That fun coloured striped dress is such a move lifter :-). you look amazing and it makes your appear even taller, you have such a model figure *jealous* :-)



A Very Sweet Blog said...

you can wear it well! it looks gorgeous on you!

Chicpear said...

awwwwwwwwww I love your dog!!! so adorable!!!! love the color of your maxi too!


Morgan said...

That dress is gorgeous and your pup! oh my goodness! So cute! I am a new follower and would love for you to stop by The Jem Journal and follow as well!

melissa said...

I personally don't wear much colour, but this dress on you is really a wow factor. Really nice!!!


such a beautiful dresss looks so good on u! :)
new post up

Ashley said...

that dress is GORGEOUS! Way to go on buying yourself something for fun...love that!


Unknown said...

It sure is a fun dress! If I could fit it, I would beg you to send it to me! Lovely!

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

i want that dress heather!

Xo Megan

Nicole said...

You both are too cute!

KT said...

OMG! This dress is awesome! Nothing wrong with buying something just for fun, especially something as cute as that. You will get lots of wear out of it :)

becks said...

SOO goregous. definitely my favorite outfit of yours. you look absolutely stunning!


Grace Wainwright said...

This dress is stunning on you. I wish my just for fun outfits looked like this!

A Southern Drawl

Unknown said...

Love the dress! The vertical stripes add to your height and you look lovely!

Mel said...

So so pretty! I'm jealous that you can wear maxis with heels - I have the hardest time finding a maxi that is long enough!! :)

Stefania B. said...

I´m in love with your dress!!! the colors are beautiful! and you look great ! :)

Fashion R&D said...

Wow, that dress is amazing! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Would you want to follow each other?

Unknown said...

Great dress looks great on you. I just found your blog through a comment that you left on mine. Want to follow each other? I am following you :)

Jessica said...

i love the dress! im glad you just bought it for fun but it is great because i think it is versatile still! confetti cake ice cream is one of my faves! not going to lie though root beer milk sounds horrible hahahah i don't like milk or root beer though :p


Anonymous said...

This dress is amazing and love your puppy! :)




Ivana said...

Back on heels, I see :) Seriously, this dress is so beautiful and fun, I'm pretty much obsessed :)! And it looks so fantastic on you!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Maria M. said...

I love the dress and the way you've styled it! Such pretty heels, too! :-)

Giovanna said...

Great dress!! Love all the color!

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Alja and Eva said...

I love the colors! New follower :)

I have a beauty blog and it would mean a lot to me, if you could check it out and let me know what do you think about it...and maybe follow back :)


Roxie Fitz said...

I love this print! I am using your "just for fun" category for all my purchases from now on!

Larissa @ Living in Color | A Lifestyle Blog said...

loving your dress! It's just gorgeous :)
xo, elle from Living in Color.

Unknown said...

OMG Heather, I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!! So pretty and you look like a flippin' model!!!!!! Gorgeous!

The maxi suites you soooooo well :) Hope we can catch up soon!!!! :)


Alison Hutchinson said...

Such a gorgeous dress!! It really is so much fun. One of those dresses that you would get a million compliments on :)


M.E said...

what a cute dog!!! great pics!


Amalia Athanaeleas said...

Love this dress on you! You look so statuesque!
Smart n Snazzy

Dana said...

What an amazing dress!!!! Makes you look so statuesque and Greek-Goddess like.. LOVE!




InĂªs de Castro said...

The dress is perfect. You both look stunning :)

paintandstyle said...

such cute maxi dress! and cute dog too! (:


Unknown said...

The colours in that dress are breath-taking. Who wouldn't feel happier wearing it!

canvasofculture said...

what a fun, bright dress, i love it! and of course your dog is also adorable:)


Unknown said...

OMG! I'm have to have this dress! The colors, the stripes, the length...AMAZING! Jealous (in a good way)!