10 Extra Minutes

Dress (Marshalls); Scarf (Ann Taylor Loft); Shoes (Nine West)

There are mornings where those few extra moments of glorious sleep are worth every shortcut. On the days I hit snooze, those shortcuts include wearing a dress (vs staring at my closet trying to put two pieces together), minimal eye makeup (one shadow, eyeliner, and mascara), and easy hair (a minute and a half with a flat iron).  This happens more often than not... So on the days I don't hit snooze and spend the extra time on my routine, I usually get a "oh your hair looks so nice today", or "did you do something different"?  I should probably be encouraged on how much nicer I can look when I put more effort in - but some days those ten extra minutes of sleep are worth so much more than a good hair day ;)


Beauty Follower said...

Lovely scarf!

Have a great start of the week :)

Ramona said...

oh, there are those days that hit the snooze is must. You look lovely. Wishing you wonderful Tuesday!


s said...

amazing dress u look so prety! xO!


awhite said...

Ten extra minutes via snooze was totallyyyyyy me this a.m.! :)

Love this dress on you, babe!

Le Stylo Rouge

Shauna C said...

I hear ya on the snooze button :) You look so pretty! Great smile!



Cece said...

I am extremely low maintenance so I definitely get this! At 6 in the morning that 10 extra minutes means so much more than that extra compliment or two. It's a good thing to feel comfortable with minimalism and not feel like you have to be made up all the time.

Leigh said...

Love that scarf and an extra 10 minutes is me every morning hehe.

Amy Johnson said...

Love your commentary…so funny. That colorful scarf looks great with that dress. Fabulous outfit.

Zhenya said...

Love the dress Heather, I am a snooze hitter, and often sacrifice breakfast (never coffee) for the sake of getting my hair done!


Elle Sees said...

LOVE that scarf--those colors are beautiful. I love the dress too. I hear ya--sometimes you gotta hit the snooze. maybe 3 times.

Rachel Lynne said...

Isn't it SO true?! Ten extra minutes is SO GOOD. I have my go-to outfits in the mornings, the only issue is that I have so much laundry to do right now that my go-to morning outfits are missing lol. I need to get on that this weekend. Super chic and beautiful - as always!

Shauna R said...

As a Mommy of 2, these are how most of my mornings start off. That 10 extra minutes does wonders. **smiles** Looking great in that dress and scarf! I love the POP of color. XO

-Shauna R.

Lauren Blair said...

Fun! I'm the same; I prefer skirts but dresses are so much easier if I'm running late!!! XO
-Lauren Blair